Zwift hangs briefly and then all sensors lose signal

I have only experienced this problem since installing updates upon returning from vacation. I will be riding on Zwift for a seemingly random length of time and then Zwift will freeze for 2-3 seconds. Then it unfreezes, but none of my sensors provide a signal. The pairing screen is no help as it simply says they have no signal. Upon removing the sensors Zwift is unable to to search and find them again. I can exit Zwift and restart Zwift (no reboot) and the sensor are all back and working normally.

Here is my setup:

  • PC with Windows 10
  • Sensors connected via ANT+ (Wahoo KICKR, Garmin heart rate strap, garmin speed/cadence sensor)
  • Zwift 1.0.50

I started three rides today before giving up.