Zwift Game Release: Oct 31, 2018

(Adam Sz) #81

It would be great if jou could turn on metronome while working on cadence


This! ^^^


What Kevin Young said about switching worlds during the game and Normalized Power after rides… Please.

(Jon Mayfield) #84

We’re aware of the rare bluetooth trainer issues and have been collecting info for a a bit now. Thanks to those who’ve sent in log files and reports to customer support. It’s taking us a while to address it because it’s not happening 99% of the time. Even still, 1% of Zwifters is a lot of people having this issue, it’s just making it hard for us to catch it so we can fix it. We consider it our top active issue at the moment.

(Keith Allen GravesendCC Pack Zzrc ) #85

Yet again after a update my trainer works correctly on Elites app but again after a Zwift update my Qubo is loading up to stupid levels which is what happened a while ago again after a ZWIFT UPDATE to improve the Qubo real world feel to which Zwift just said it is Elites fault . Last night at times I could coast up hill and if I stopped peddling down hill even on 10% down I stopped . Loads of posts about it but I bet like last time Zwift will not fix the problem and I ended up having to play with my trainers softwear settings or bin it. The updating problems is why I will not buy a better trainer.

(Keith Allen GravesendCC Pack Zzrc ) #86

I think you will not fix it which you did not for Qubo owners last time as a load said they where leaving Zwift or put the trainers in for warranty claims.

(Darryl Parker) #87

One thing to improve is the speed of the “world” going by as you ride. There is very little difference in the appearance of your speed based on your actual velocity.

Keep up the good work!

(Eirik Jacobsen) #88

Information about distance and total elevation on group rides, races etc would be really helpful. Number of laps does not tell me much.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #89

I ha dgarmin connect going with an auto start for my outside rideshare . Once I turned it off a lot of stuff cleared up on my indoor rides. Too many things going on

(Richard Neil(ZHR G)) #90

Could not agree more. Zwift, the mini map profile needs sorting, especially with NY with so many close turns. If you are riding a Pre-set course (eg for a race or workout), the mini map profile should reflect that course properly, so you know the extent of the climbs & decents on the course you are on.

(Matthias S) #91

can you do something about the bug that the elite qubo not the watts that i’am putting on the pedals before the update it worked now my average speeds are 20km/h not fun to ride :frowning:

(Ch Lan) #92

No, Jon, just my Tacy Neo connected through Bluetooth. And given the many reports of various smart trainers that Zwift doesn’t handle as such - don’t you think it is time to change the strategy: Instead of blaming the trainers, or iOS or the users, what about just dealing with the issue. Look at ALL the other apps that can handle it.
By the way, just cancelled my membership. A monthly 15 bucks for a non-functional app - what a crap.
Happy to hear from you, when this is solved.

(Keith Allen GravesendCC Pack Zzrc ) #93

Sadly I think the Qubo,s are to cheap a trainer for them to worry about as I found out before when they mucked them up before and said Elite up dated them just at the same time Zwift did the update for more real world feel for the Qubo . Funny thing is the Qubo do not just update them selves . Now I have hours of fun ? Trying to change the numbers in the trainer soft wear so I can again use it on Zwift. Main reason I will not buy the trainer I want cost £700 in case they muck that up as well.

(Tom Neave) #94

We need to add the Apple keyboard. The Apple 4k interface is infuriating when using the Apple controller.

(Michelle Aleva) #95

The update didn’t work for me - I was caught riding in a half mile loop over and over during Tour of NY stage 5 yesterday for 10+miles before quitting. Very frustrating.

(Ahnie Jenkins) #96

Could the day light / time zone of NYC match real life? I ride on EST about 2pm and it’s lights out in Zwift NYC

(Greg. Evans) #97

It would be great to choose which tracks

(Greg. Evans) #98

What happened

(Edwin Thaves) #99

No fix for the AppleTV remote issues- just as impossible to select a desired course as it was before.

(Russell Cruiser) #100

I’ve only been using Zwift for a couple of years, so my guess/wish list for changes might be: -

Yearly subscription with reduced rate!
More levels beyond 25 (making each level longer and harder, like 1,000 miles)
World switching within game or connecting tunnels,
Being able to save a ride without leaving the game.

Otherwise, like many others I really like Zwift as it is and think it is getting better and better all the time.