Zwift Game Release: Oct 31, 2018

(David Armstrong TX Zhr E) #101

i think you just look at your training data, then go back to riding. Ill double check but I always ride after my workouts with out restarting

(Job Mnguni) #102

I know you can view a workout when you complete then continue riding but as soon as you want to save a start another workout or just ride you have to quit the game. I want an option to save and start a new workout, or save and quit just like in a garmin or wahoo bike Pc.

(David Armstrong TX Zhr E) #103

Look for the return button and you can continue to ride without starting but, true if you want another workout you have to restart, but not if your just going to free ride after.


(Job Mnguni) #104

Is it possible to save a workout then return for just a ride, or the ride will be added to my workout at the end? I want to be able to do a workout, save it then ride or do a different workout with having to exit the game.

(David Armstrong TX Zhr E) #105

The Ride is added to your workout at the end. My old software would separate them. Garmin doesn’t. But if you just use a lap at the end of your workout . It separates it that way. And usually you can tell by the watts heart rate differences.

If you want them saved separately then you have to quit.

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #106

latest update has deleted all of my custom workouts, surely this should have come up in beta testing before pushing!!?

(Jon Mayfield) #107