Zwift Game Release: Oct 31, 2018

(Jason Welch) #61

What a tease! It’s world swapping. And it’s about time.

(Clive Woakes Zhr (I)) #62

Big fan. Have you considered any of the great rides of Majorca? Sa Calobra etc. As a frequent visitor I would be willing to help. I’m sure Jeff K would be too.

(Potato Tu +1 S) #63

I love Zwift.

(Grayson Lloyd [DIRT]) #64

Would be better if the altitude/profile map in the top right was always in a left-to-right direction and the profile adjusted accordingly. So you knew what was coming up down the road.

(Joop Van Roy) #65

Looking forward to earning those sweet sweet Meow Meow Beans… Uhh i mean DropZ!

(Carl Hansen) #66

I discovered today that there is a small directional arrow in the center of your pin. I have a 46” monitor and it was still difficult to see. Once I found that it made the chart much more valuable.

(Gerald Treiber) #67

Its already shown! Riding with AppleTV, but i think its the same on other platforms.

(i van) #68

Love this idea. More overall workout stats would be well appreciated. I started using a dedicated head unit while riding in Zwift to measure average power, TSS, NP, etc… Makes it much easier to pace especially in events. Not everyone has the luxury of a couple hundred dollar head unit though.

(Andrew Finlay) #69

Google assistant support please, so I can shout out, “zwift throw confetti”

(D Linde) #70

Would be great if you could increase the size of the ride profile picture at the top right. Such an important piece of info to help pave before a climb, or during a climb. The current image is way too small.

(Sussex Geezer) #71

Almost two days since this post and still no iOS update.

(E. W. 937) #72

I don’t have this problem with my neo. Perhaps you need to update the firmware on your neo using the Tacx support app?

I never stop pedaling, but will give the downhill a go tonight.

Hope you get the bugs sorted. GL

Ride on.

(Dan Aponik 671) #73

Turn your Trainer Difficulty setting down to the 0 to 30% range. Everything will feel flat after that.

(Kris Brosnihan) #74

Just show upcoming elevation profile left to right, if you turn off on to another route it switches to that elevation preview.

(Jon Mayfield) #75

X_Canada2018, the iOS update came out 4 days ago, a couple of days before this post went up.

(Jon Mayfield) #76

Ch_Lan, not sure what you mean by “promising”. Interesting that you get no sim mode or road feel in the Neo. Are you sure it’s paired properly to the controllable trainer, and you have trainer difficulty slider set at 50% or higher in the settings screen of Zwift? Does workout mode correctly control it? Are you sure no ANT+ software is connecting to it too at the same time? If so that’ll cause what you’re seeing.

(Kerry Smith DIRT B���) #77

I like the way you roll Mr. Smith. :slight_smile:

(Mr Elbow) #78

Maybe my screen is to small. I just riding with a laptop for the moment. Where at the screen should it be seen?

(Sean Lynch) #79

Many have been reporting similar issues for months on various iOS / BLE set-ups. I use a Wahoo Kickr 2016 on iOS (macbook pro) over bluetooth and have been variably not having or losing gradient resistance in SIM mode since at least around the time of the Innsbruck release.

My Kickr is always confirmed as active as controllable trainer when the issue arises, all firmware is up to date, factory spindown has been performed multiple times, and as mentioned above SIM mode functions without issue outside of Zwift.

The in-game calibration notably always fails repeatedly (spindown times out) when this issue is active, yet disconnecting BLE from the laptop and connecting to the wahoo app results in successful calibration.

The other day gradient resistance cut out after customizing my avatar, requiring 20mins of disconnecting/reconnecting and other troubleshooting mid-ride.

This issue is unacceptable, and frankly infuriating. The immersive experience is lost. Work-outs are interrupted by extended troubleshooting. Racing is not fair or fun. As stated above, this issue has essentially turned my $1200 smart trainer into a dumb trainer on Zwift for much of the last 3+ months (or more). Yet my subscription is going up. I love Zwift when it is fully functional, as it was for the first year and a half that I used it. It revolutionized indoor riding/training. But it is not currently that product.

(Kevin Young (CNW)) #80

Something that long term Zwifters have been asking for?

Like many have postulated hopefully this is world switching. What I would love to see is the ability to access linking roads that would transport the rider between worlds. Then we can have single rides that span multiple worlds.