Zwift Game Release: Oct 31, 2018

(Eiki Egilz) #41

Still not available on iOS … does this new version include a fix for the remote control problems on Apple Tv 4k?

(Job Mnguni) #42

I want to be able to save a workout and continue riding without having to start afresh and log on to Zwift.

(Just Vervaart - Okimono Cycling Club) #43

Ghost rider simulating previous efforts on segments would be great.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #44

Trouble is, sometimes running different versions of a game can cause its own problems. Might even be more of an issue with people in the same event, depending on what has been updated.

Say they’ve included a new bike. But you haven’t downloaded it to your game client, so when it tries to load that bike it crashes. You wouldn’t be a happy bunny. =)

(E. W. 937) #45

Updates have been excellent, every time. But I hope the bigwheels aren’t coming back🎃

(Nicolas Chabee) #46

Would be great to have access to average power or watt/kg average ratio since start of the race. Could be available in companion, it doesn’t have to be on main screen. Would help to calibrate in which category we’ll be ranked when we’re border line between 2 categories like I am… many thanks for all the work! Keep impressing us!

(Tim Rush (Fetty Wap)) #47

World selection would be cool. Other than that it’s perfect to me. No complaints. New York has been awesome. Love the game aspects. Wouldn’t mind more of that.

(Ch Lan) #48

Any chance that you fix the gradient/resistance bug with iOS with this release (or any time soon, i.e. within the coming days)?
That is the real pain in the … regardless of all those touch-ups.
Just remember that you’re charging 15 bucks per month for an app that turns smart trainers into dumb ones :confused:

(. ZwiftZone) #49

Found I had to change back to the Tron bike today - for me, the Bones-Bike’s Posterior Superior Iliac Spine kept snagging on my shorts, and, the Ulna / Radius combination made the front wheel unstable on left-hand turns.

(Jon Mayfield) #50

Ch Lan, what gradient/resistance bug are you encountering? What trainer do you have?

(Ch Lan) #51

Tacx neo smart. The bug has been reported by quite a few riders (and does occur with other trainers, too).
Just to counter the regular zwift response: the trainer does behave normally with other apps (Rouvy, Tacx, Grand Road). Only with zwift it acts like in ERG Mode and you can ride 15% slopes at 90 RPM and 53/17 gearing… (“downside”: going downhill is also not working (if you don’t pedal, You’ll stop at -15%). No roadfeel either…

(James Burrow (B)) #52

Ty for allowing mute

(Lou Ann Rickley USMC (ret)) #53

Same problem with my Wahoo kicker. Have written and sent many files. Love Zwift but tired of this issue. Sent another email today.

(Ch Lan) #54

Yeah. The possibility of online-competition is great with zwift. But not if it’s rigged. Aside from the issue that I’m preparing for the Alps and in reality, I would probably need rather 17/53 for 90RPM on a 15%-slope :sweat_smile:

(Matt Vail) #55

Love Zwift races and Zwift Power. Thanks to all who contribute.

  • Matt Vail

(Ch Lan) #56

Any ideas?
Just staying mute isn’t helpful (let alone, promising)
Ch Lan

(Pete Favata) #57

It would be great if the mobile app would stay compatible with older devices such as an iPad 2. These devices are getting long in the tooth I know, but that’s what makes them perfect for leaving set up on a tripod next to the trainer. Just an idea. I don’t want to slow progress though. :man_shrugging:

(Lindsay Cripps) #58

Move the messages coming up in the centre of the screen to the bottom. Extremely distracting annoying and blocks the view ahead.

(Jim Spencer (D)) #59

Would be nice if you could save a ride without exiting Zwift.

(Mr Elbow) #60

Thank you for a great platform.

To make it even better I would like to see an altitude graph/profile of the course I’m riding at the screen during a race. And also be able to see where at the graph I’m at the moment. Or at least make it possible to choose this as an option. I would rather see this view than seeing the map. It’s hard to remember the hole course, how long the climbs are and so on, by just looking at the graph only before the race.

Or is this possible already?