Zwift Game Release: Guest World

(Steve) #22

Nice, I saw the zwift launcher (only had watopia and richmond) but not this. I figured with all the programmers/cyclists out there someone would have done it. :smiley:

(Steve) #23

I’ve been using my Win10 laptop with built-in BLE and it’s been working very well. Haven’t seen any issues or dropouts yet.

(Brian Nors Jensen) #24

Is the BT beta only for laptops?
I have a desktop with BT4.0, and with the latest update I can find my devices, but afterwards they report “no signal”.

(Greg A) #25

Jon, I definitely like how you have implemented world choice. Listing who you follow & what course they are riding, is a nice touch.

Greg Avon

(David Griscom YCW) #26

I am glad that Zwift finally addressed this. I just logged on and there were 6000 riders on Watopia and only 517 on London. I am not sure that is what I would have expected

(Amanda) #27

Awesome. Love Zwift. But it would be even more awesome if GPS data from our personal outdoor routes from Garmin Connect or Strava could be uploaded to Zwift and become a custom indoor ride.

Thanks so much!!
Amanda Marmolejo

(Daren) #28

I reckon it’s what I would expect. Watopia is, I believe, by far the most popular world. I expect the difference will be even greater when Richmond hits because it seems unreasonably unpopular. (It’s a bit drab scenery-wise, but the course itself is fantastic I reckon.)

(Shay) #29

Tried BT directly with Windows 10 to try and control Kickr 2016.Couldnt discover it. Only works with Companion or with Ant

(Jon Mayfield) #30

Bluetooth will work on desktop computers with BT4 or greater. I specified laptops just to keep messaging simpler, as they all have bluetooth (unlike desktops where you’ve got to see if the motherboard supports it).

(Jon Mayfield) #31

Shay, are you on an up to date Windows 10 version? Could it find any other bluetooth devices without Zwift Companion, such as a HR strap or cadence sensor?

(Taylor) #32

Too many where?

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #33

will meetups also have some other new features Jon?

(Dave Musselwhite(M71/PACK/HERD/RO4H)) #34

Hi Jon,

Have there been any fixes to the KickR14/MacOS/Bluetooth issues included in this release? Since I reported my issues I have been using ANT+ with no problems.



(James) #35

Love it! This world choice provides a great balance. Would love to see the power output sent with the protobuf over to the servers for runners when available, this year. I have some good 3rd party ideas, including implementing your light show from YouTube Jon! Great work by Zwift on this release.

(...) #36

(replying to my previous reply)

I backed Little Snitch down to v4.2.4, which preceded the code signing scrutiny checks, and Zwift now works as expected.

It’s likely that anyone who ends up installing the new Little Snitch that includes the code signing checks, will result in the same failures I ran into, until we can figure this out.

No word back from Objective Development yet.

(Shay) #37

Im on the latest version of Windows 10 as there are no updates suggested by the OS.

Unfortunately, I don’t have other BT sensors as they are all ANT.

Bluetooth is enabled on the PC and it can discover devices such as headphones.

I have also a BLE dongle which was used in the past by Trainerroad to control the Kickr. But I assum that the fact that its connected is not interfering

Any suggestions?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #38

Even if it is not telling you there are no updates does not mean there are not updates available.

In the search type in: system information or version
Can you post what you see next to Version.

(Brian Nors Jensen) #39

Any idea why I get “No Signal” after Zwift finding my trainer (Kickr 18) and HR monitor?

(Paul Simmonite (HIND CC) ) #40

any news on the gear display for the wattbike atom on windows please.

(Shay) #41


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