Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018

(Tom Gaspard) #64

Hi Guys,
I have experienced the same problem than you. After finishing a ride, the practice is not completed and there is no upload on Strava.
The practice is shown in the companion app but there is no name of the practice but only the date of it.
Thanks for your help,
and I hope to get this resolved very soon so I can continue riding…

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Andreas Hacker) #65

Would logs help you? ComputerSpecs, Launcher, Log?

(Greg A) #66

Why would you associate the additional levels with the price increase? Only because they occurred around the same time? Why not associate the price increase with all the improvements over the past three years? Just curious.

(Jim Mattson) #67

Made level 26 today, but ZCA still shows level 25 (with an almost full progress bar), and still shows level 25 (with about 25% progress).

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #68

same thing for me : on i’m lv 25…but in game i ve reached 26 for sure

(Jean Sebastien Guertin) #69

Thank you, I had to go to the apple TV app store and do the update manually.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #70

Not to mention the fact that the original price increase was more than a year ago for new accounts.

(Pitch Blank) #71


See here guys:
Zwift crashed after saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

(Jim Mattson) #72

Windows PC. In addition to the report in the Bugs section of the forums, I opened a support ticket yesterday. No response yet.

(Martin Betz) #73

Same problem here… yesterday and again today?!? :frowning_face:

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #74

Seems to happen to riders who have German as their native language. See this post here: Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

Riders in this post are from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy. All are using German as their OS language and Zwift runs with German language settings.

(Eric Randall (RWB - NH)) #75

Just curious. My wife got the level update and the wahoo challenge. I have logged in and out and can’t find either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(B Nicholson) #76

Disappointed with having to wait 5 business days to a service ticket request and then getting a boilerplate response :frowning:
Managed to fix it ourselves after much aggro. Apparently, it was caused by Zwift / Windows 10 ransomware protection.

(Yuniet Sosa) #77

less money for month.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(ツ Harry (Primal Instinct)) #78

Same here. Switzerland. Windows 10 runs in English, Zwift in German. Full screen mode. Screen resolution 1920 x 1080.

Changed the language setting for Zwift to English and it all works fine now.

(Dave Rae) #79

Apple TV AirPlay speaker via Airport Express no longer works.

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #80

Same in Russia. I use english language in the game though. Zwift crashed during saving into strava. Win7, fullscreen. God bless i can find the data in activities history and manually upload it to strava

(Jason Mack) #81

I rode stage 2 of the Korea Cup today, then realized Zwift didn’t automatically update on my AppTv. I could see any messages, which was the tip off that the update hadn’t occurred. I did complete the ride, and it shows up under my activities. I later updated via App Store.

I didn’t realize I could actually ride on a previous version, with most things looking normal.

( Iron Doga) #82

Since update, the zwifters nearby screen on windows is useless, because riders coming from the opposite side are appearing on it (and disappearing very fast). Another thing is that you don’t get any XP points in group rides.

(Pitch Blank) #83

Download manually from Zwift. It is working but some km will be lost.