Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018

(Martin Huchel) #84

Same problem.
Since the update, when i try to save my ride, the Windows App (Windows 10) crashes. The ride is available on (only auto save - the ride is incomplete)

(Jim Mattson) #85

Are there any release notes for the 6 December update?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #86

I think its just a patch to fix the crashing when using German as a language and other small bugs. I will ping @Vincent to see if he can post something

(obidave) #87

It’s great to finally see direct Bluetooth connection as an option. I tired this out last night and it works like its in beta. It pairs and reads power from my Kickr Snap but not control yet (hence beta :slight_smile: ) Thought when I was riding last night, my trainer felt like it was locked in a constant resistance. I wish I had a report on my Wahoo BlueSC speed/cadence sensor, but the doo-dah just stop working for some reason; maybe it’s too cold or something…

Other than that, good start. I’ll look forward to the next update.

(Jon Heilmann) #88

I agree with John Murray, automatic screen shots are unnecessary and doesn’t enhance the ride experience. Plus, trying to delete them using the Apple TV remote sucks at best. If you are going to keep it, make it an option in the setting with it being off as the default.

(Greg A) #89

Got o Zwiftpower and you will see that your “hidden” total is accruing new points during the accelerated phase.

(Tony Goodnight + EnduranceCycling) #90

Can someone tell me why I only get 240 points instead of 300 points for each mile? Seems there is something wrong with the multiplier

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #91


Zwift’s solution is to allow Zwifters to do accelerated leveling up to the level their XP would have taken them. Accelerated leveling means you still have to work to reach level 26 and above, but you will get there 8x faster. When you choose the “Bring on the Levels” option (see screenshot below) your XP is reset to 110,000 (level 25), but each km you ride nets you 160 XP and each mile 240 XP instead of 20/30 respectively. All other XP rewards are multiplied by 8x as well. Accelerated leveling stays in place until you reach whatever level your XP would have taken you before this update.

Here is the link:

(K.C. Race3R) #92

Hello … The new LVLs above 25 worked for me fine on my PC setup. I even gained LVL26. However, when I logged into my IOS setup (IPAD), I was back on LVL25 and the progress bar was not showing progress even though I was earning 25XP per km. I also suspect that the earning was not at my 10x level for already having earned a bunch of XP above 25 too? Something seems really amiss with IOS and the new levels for me. Who can help? I am riding on NYC course, so these IOS seems updated to me. Thx. KC Race3R

(obidave) #93

I figured out my Wahoo Blue SC’s malfunction. Dead battery. So I changed the battery and it now connects to the Bluetooth BETA feature for cadence. yeah.

Looking forward to further developments on this front.

(C Garwood TT1) #94

Didn’t say it wasn’t a valid question, was just highlighting that there were more updates coming this month, nothing less, nothing more

(Lin) #95

Being on the NYC course does not mean your Zwift app is the latest version. There have been updates since NYC was released. Double check your iPad has the latest Zwift app by going into the App Store and refreshing the Updates tab.

(K.C. Race3R) #96

Agree – I needed to update IOS before I saw the latest ZwiftGame update to fix my LVL up problem — THX

(David Haugen) #97

Hi. Is ERG mode removed in the new update?? I dont find the ERG button any place anymore. And the smart trainer doesn’t adjust after the workout program.
I am grateful for tips to help fix my problem.


(Russ) #98

I noticed a new update this morning for the zwift app on my Mac. It now shows 1.0.32535.


(Mark Murawski) #99

I had the same. I guess but fixes only

(Johnathan) #100

Don’t forget all of the new pro jerseys :unamused:

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #101

Yep seemed like a sizeable update so more than fixes

(Andrew) #102

Following this update I am getting screen freeze and crashes. This could occur ant any time during the ride.

Using a laptop on Windows 8.1 with Tacx Flux connected via Ant+. I’m on a ‘window’ view with the lowest resolution option.

I uninstalled the App and reinstalled and all was well for about a week but the same issues have returned.

Do you know what the problems are ? I have emailed my logs twice to the Support Team but have yet to receive a reply.

A very frustrated and soon to be former Zwift user.

(Jon Mayfield) unpinned #103