Zwift Game App on PC doesn't upload ride to Strava if companion app is open/running

I have been running Zwift for many months on my PC, and only this week started accompanying those rides using the companion app. However, I immediately noticed that when I exited the ride on my PC, I no longer was shown the Save-And-Exit (and upload to Strava) menu - it just exited and closed the game immediately. My rides were not being automatically uploaded to Strava (and I had to download the FIT file from and manually upload to get the ride on Strava).

So, I make sure now that I first exit the companion app on my phone, THEN I exit the ride on the game program on the PC, and all is correct and normal - I get the save/andSaveStrava menu, and it works.

Somehow the companion app is interfering with my Strava connection. I’ve heard from other riders that this may be true for the Garmin connection.

my system:
Windows10 PC - Zwift game
Google Pixel 3 (Android) - Zwift companion app.


Hmm that’s interesting Dave, thanks for reporting! I’ll look into this on our side. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your Zwift app on PC to see if you get different results?

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No I have not done that… I just had a thought… maybe I should disconnect the Strava Connection. and then reconnect the Strava connection.
I’ll give that a shot… at
and then run a quick ride 0.1mile test tomorrow afternoon…
What’s interesting is that the Save/Don’tSave menu doesn’t come up at all, when the is open. But when the app is closed, the Save/Don’t save menus work fine… So it may not be a Strava Connection issue at all. It may be something more related to the interacting with the PC program (although there is no bluetooth or any communications there - it’s all thru the servers…)

I haven’t tried the disable/enable Strava connection, but I did forget today to end the compApp on my Android phone before I existed my PC ride - and again, it uploaded to Zwift, but not to Strava.

Hi Vincent - this problem no longer happens - I consider it closed. Thanks.