Screenshots saving to Strava

Screenshots saving to Strava have been hit or miss. Usually, it does work but it takes a long time. And I always wonder what’s better, to exit out of Zwift after my ride or leave it running for a while to ensure it uploads?

Today though, nothing got uploaded, at all. I checked 30+ minutes later and nothing, so I manually posted some photos to Strava. So far they have not got replaced (which would happen if/when Zwift finally does upload the photos).

So anyway, wanted to report this bug, but also get clarification on whether or not I need to leave Zwift running on my PC to ensure the uploads get sent.

In case you need this info, I run Zwift on a Windows 10 machine, and use the companion app on my Android phone. I selected which photos to upload on the PC during the screen after you stop a ride.