Zwift freeze after mountain patch

Hi, today i wanted to try out the new roads, but zwift is freezing every 30sec for like 5 minutes. I cant even do 1km.  Before the patch everythink was ok. I try restarted laptop 3 times, it didnt help. Any ideas? Reinstall zwift maybe?

I had the same problem a little while ago.  Just submitted a ticket (#27012).  I noticed that Workout mode works but that’s no fun…  :)


Curious, what OS are you using?  I’m on a Mac…  I also noticed that just logging in took a lot longer than usual also.

Hi, i am using win7. I am currently reinstalling the whole game. It will take a while lol.  How did u solve the problem?

I didn’t solve it - spent an hour trying the typical reboot/re-login/etc.  Mentioned it on Twitter and they recommended I submit a ticket.  

I am very curious to hear if reinstalling the entire Zwift app helps.  Please reply back once you try…  Thx.


I will. Hope it will solve the problem :slight_smile:

I just reinstall the game. Id did not help. Actuly now is lagging that u even cant watch others. It have like 5fps. I dobt know what is happening. But before the expansion everything was ok.  I have a bad laptop. But i was ok for me i have like 50fps and it was great to ride and train. Now is lagging like 5fps i dont even have any sound. Hmmm

Dang… have you tried going into Workout mode?  Doesn’t solve the problem, but I did notice that that portion of Zwift seemed to work fine.  It would be nice if we could just roll back to the previous version while Zwift figures it out.

I’ll definitely be turning Auto-Update Off after all this…

I did not try work out mode. Right now the game just crash back to desktop. Is it possible that the mountain expansion needs more powerfull laptop to work? Well hope that the weather is going to be ok next weeks. So i can train outdoor :frowning:

Keep an eye on this Ticket I have ongoing with Zwift.  Maybe we will get it resolved soon…

The page do not exist :slight_smile:

Sorry, guess seeing a Ticket is locked down somehow?  If you can log into Zwift and find Ticket #27012 that is the support help I have right now…  Just asked for log.txt files under the /Documents/Zwift/Logs folder.  Awaiting response…

Ok some news, i deleted the zwift folder under my documents, and i looks like its working. Just watched 10min ob laptop and did work ok. Try out, and report hehe

Did you try riding and things work for you?  I may try that approach if I don’t hear back form Zwift soon (today).

Yes i tried to ride. Now the game dont crash anymore, but i dont have more than 20 fps. ;(

Hi all, 

After the new update Zwift is becoming a little bit more demanding because it has to display more graphics like the huge mountain perhaps and if you have very weak computer it might effect FPS. However we are already working on some optimisations and it will be out with the next update. Hopefully it will make some difference for you. 

Here are some tips to make FPS better. 

  1. Run only Zwift on your PC
  2. Clean your PC (people have a lot of junk software in their PCs and it’s affecting their CPU performance)
  3. Update the graphics card drivers 
  4. Run Zwift in the lowest resolution
  5. Fun Zwift in fullscreen mode

Good luck and please let us know what you’ve done and what difference it made. 

Thank you and Ride On!

Since doing the following, I have used Zwift successfully twice.  The second time for a 2hr ride:

  1. Moved the entire Documents/Zwift folder to Zwift.BAK. Thus, starting fresh…
  2. Made sure Zwift’s video setting was in the middle range, not 1080p.
  3. Ran Zwift in Full Screen Mode.
  4. Kicked the girls out of the house so the entire network was not being bogged down by Netflix, FaceTime, SnapChat, nor Facebook. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the FPS range from ~20 to high 20’s/30fps when going from a window mode to Full Screen.  Being on an older Mac also means my video specs are at the Minimum level.

Hope you are having better luck these days…

Hi Chris, 

Thank you very much for getting back to us. I’m glad it worked out for your you. Zwift update will be out soon with some optimisations so it might get even better! 

Ride On! 

P.S. Don’t be so hard on your girls, get better internet connection. :smiley: