Zwift Events - Do they actually eventuate?

So I have tried signing up for 4 different events but as the event time gets closer the events disappear. Are there any events that actually start? How can anyone plan ahead for these things?

You mean signing up in the Companion App? You can set it to notify you up to 1 hour before the event starts, and you should already be in the Zwift game before the event starts and Zwift will automatically prompt you to join.

I know how to get into the events but 4 of 5 events I signed up for ‘vanished’.

I wonder if there may have been a problem today as when I joined
an event in Innsbruck today I was the only one there. I started riding
an within a mile the other riders appeared. Their positions jumped
around for a mile or so then everything settled and appeared normal.

It is interesting as one of the events I had signed up for reappeared a couple of minutes before it was due to start.