Zwift Email address

Is Zwift known to use the kustomerapp to contact you. Seems a little suspicious.

I received one from that address - the contents were legit and related to a support request, though the address was a bit sus.

I replied to it but havent got an answer since Saturday so assume they dont monitor it (or they just arent replying to me :man_shrugging:).


I just had an email back saying it’s legit, so all ok.
Thanks for your reply

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Yes, we use Kustomer as our customer email system.

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If that’s true then you’re idiots - emails coming from a domain that isn’t yours, ranks high on the “don’t touch, its spam, fraudulent” alert scale. Anyone not trusting these emails is being sensible.

Suggest you read Reply from your company's email address | Kustomer Help Center

Email replies (certainly on my events tickets) come from

Idiots might be a bit strong :wink:


My apology for being frank and honest. But as the original posters noted, using a third-party address quite rightly raises immediate suspicions. Yes, there are also potential issues in having a third-party being able to send emails as if it’s from your domain, but that’s an issue for your in-house IT and management to assess.