Zwift drops connection to Bluetooth Kickr trainer

For the lat week Zwift just drops connection to my Kickr trainer which is connected via Bluetooth on Windows 10. It also lags badly “30s to 60s” when doing intervals. It was all working fine and just started causing issues last week.

I have done the following:

  1. Upgraded firmware to performed spin down. 1.1.3 Kickr Core 1878
  2. Updated Windows.
  3. Updated Bluetooth Drivers.
  4. Tested with the Zwift app on my Android phone and power is inconsistent with ERG mode on so I gave up as well. This was with PC shutdown and no other Bluetooth devices active or in the area.

Contacted Wahoo and they said I should test with their Systm app which I have done two workouts with and have not problems at all. Power changes are instant with no lags and did not kick out at all while doing 2X 1 hour sessions. I ran this on the same Windows 10 PC.