Bluetooth connection keeps dropping XXIV

Using a Kickr Core on a Windows 11 laptop.

Connection drops all the time, I have to unpair and repair the Kickr a number of times before I get a reading in Zwift.

Seems to have only started happening since I upgraded to Win 11.

Is this a known issue? How do I fix it?


Hi @Nick_Charnock

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As far as I know, there’s been a reported known issue impacting some Zwifters using Windows 11 where the Bluetooth LE (BLE) connection drops out frequently (you may see “No signal” errors). There’s no solid or official fix as of yet, but you can always try re-installing or updating your Bluetooth drivers.

Barring that, the only other option is using the Zwift Companion (ZC) app as a BLE bridge to pair your devices to Zwift or using ANT+ to pair instead.

  • More info on the ZC BLE bridge in this article.
  • More info on ANT+ pairing in this article.

It seems that you’ve already established a dialogue with our support team via email and since I’ve shared this bit of information with you, feel free to request an escalation to Tier 2 and our tech team will fill you in. Thanks!


Yeah I get a lot of “No signal” errors and no turbo trainer numbers showing in Zwift.

Support have asked me to update the Kickr firmware, which I’ve done and it seems to have improved. Early days yet only tried it very briefly so far…

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