Zwift doesn't find new runpod

Trying to pair my new runpod. Device is on and my tablet can see the device, but zwift doesn’t see it when searching. I made sure the runpod is not already paired with my tablet. Tablet is not connected to any other bluetooth device. Green light is not staying on or even blinking. I am very frustrated.

Try pulling the battery and using a new one, this is a know issue with the ZwiftPod.

that didn’t help. I was able to pair the runpod with my laptop, but it still won’t pair with my Tablet. My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S4 which is listed as a supported device. I have submitted a help request to support, but no response.

Pair it with the laptop and click on the wrench and see if there is a firmware update.

Nope that didnt work either.