Zwift does not work with Windows 10

I am having enormous issues with Zwift and Windows 10. I have a Tacx Neo Smart Trainer. I have a fine 2 year old HP computer that ran Windows 7. Everything worked fine with Zwift for 3 years until I upgraded to Windows 10. I followed every recommendation on Zwift site to get it working. I spent 8 hours last weekend. I did Zwift support chat and I emailed Zwift. The chat support was worthless. Zwift has not gotten back to me after 3 emails. Then I bought a new $2,000 computer that is BEST according to Zwift recommendations. I set it up yesterday. It is the same problem. I pedal. The cyclist goes a few feet and stops. Undoubtedly the signal is getting dropped. Zwift support is non-existent. Please offer recommendations to address this issue. Thank you.

Sounds very frustrating and pretty weird. Here’s some quick ideas:

  1. I assume from your description that everything was fine running Zwift with W7 immediately before your upgrade to W10? (so presumably there’s no hardware issue that appeared with the Neo since the last time you used it successfully).

  2. Are you connecting via Bluetooth or Ant+? Any other devices nearby that are using whichever method you’re using that might be interfering with the signal? If so switch those off or “forget” them.

  3. If it’s Ant+ I know sometimes people have described moving the Ant+ stick closer to their trainer using a USB extension cord and solved similar kinds of connection issues.

  4. If you have a spare Ant+ stick, try that, or move the existing one to a different USB port.

  5. Is a factory reset of the trainer possible?

  6. No issues with the WiFi signal in the location you’re using it?

Hopefully one of these works, maybe others have some ideas. Good luck with it.

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A Zwift on Windows 10 users here.

  1. If this ANT+ related, the USB port will stop working after stopping for a few minutes. Check the power settings and make sure that suspend USB is disabled.

  2. BlueTooth has been the most stable option for me, I have a Tacx Neo trainer

  3. Heart rate monitors… just forget them. I have two Wahoo Tickrs and neither works with Zwift. I have spent days researching this. Trust me, just forget about them.

  4. Wifi? I use the Google Mesh, I love that thing

Can you let us know what issues you are facing?


Win10 User here.
No problem whatsoever with an Anself ANT+ USB Stick on a USB2.0 extension cord with a Elite Direto X and a Garmin HRM.

It’s a 8 year old machine with an i5-3470, 8GB, 128GB SSD, Nvidia GTX750Ti with Win10 v1909

Thank you Justin and Michael.

I got it working after 3 hours of effort today! This morning I implemented a strategy from another post here on this forum. “Bluetooth devices not seen on Windows 10 [SOLVED]”. Then Microsoft Technical Support Person took over my computer and updated the Bluetooth driver. It still did not work. I could not get Zwift on my new computer or Zwift to work on my iPhone 12. Neither one worked. At that point I focused on the trainer itself. On the Tacx Neo there are 3 LED lights. The far right light is supposed to glow red continuously. It was blinking as if the Neo was malfunctioning. I unplugged it briefly and still Zwift would run properly. Then I unplugged the power supply for two hours. After plugging it back in it glowed red continuously. Then I tried the computer and Zwift ran fine. I also tried Zwift on my phone. It also ran fine.

I am going to call Garmin tomorrow to discuss this with them to try to determine what was the cause. I’ll post the results here.

In the Zwift trouble shooting guides for Windows 10, they should recommend unplugging the Tacx Neo first before undertaking other steps.

Glad to hear you got it sorted. Tech is great when it works, but a real b**** when it doesn’t for no logical reason…!