Windows bluetooth connection issue (after recent windows update)

Since the last Windows 10 update (last week) my Zwift won’t recognise the Flux2 Trax trainer, using bluetooth on my PC. It says ‘connected’ but then has a message in white font come up saying ‘no signal’. I’ve tried on two PCs and both have the same issues. I’ve also tried it on an iPad and iPhone and it works ok, so figure it must be a PC / windows issue. Also tried disconnecting the bluetooth connection in settings, then re-selecting the trainer… but this does not work either. I’ve updated the Flux2 firmware, but still having issues. Occasionally a message will pop up asking if I want to disconnect the Garmin Connect, but when choosing either Yes or No the zwift programme will crash. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jules_Tweedie

I would suggest completely closing Garmin Connect it is known to interfere. If possible uninstall GC.

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I’ve got the same issues with my Windows 10 laptop. I thought it may have been because of the Wahoo KICKR core firmware update, however there was a Windows 10 update at the same time. I can only get Zwift to work if I use the companion app. If I try via Bluetooth on the laptop, Zwift cant see the KICKR, it see’s the Power source, but says no connection. Hopefully Zwift fixes it. Support arent very helpful. Have you logged a support ticket?

I am using a tacx and a windows 10 with bluetooth 4.0 compatible laptop. Bluetooth pairing was working fine for a months. Around 10/10/2019 a windows update came out and borked my trainer. I am in the process of uninstalling windows updates now to see if that will fix it.

Zwift sees my trainer, when I pedal it doesn’t recognize anything else. It also doesn’t see the smart controller portion. Just wattage and speed.

Uninstalling KB4517389, then going to try uninstalling KB4514359. It wont let me uninstall KB4521863.

KB4517389 uninstalled and looks like it fixed everything but the controller, which i assume controls the smart resistance. Rebooting now and will report back if that solves the issue.

Looks like my trainer and laptop are working properly again. Hopefully this helps someone.

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Same here. Just got new laptop, install zwift and bluetooth is not working within zwift app. Worked with my other laptops. I have ANT+ Garmin USB dongle and it’s working with my Wahoo and Garmin cadence.

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Hello Fellow Zwifters,

I just thought I’d share my set-up and workaround regarding the bluetooth issue with Win 10 v1903 and Zwift.

I’ve listed my configuration below and included a link to the YouTube video I created.

Samsung Laptop model Q460 (it has a built in bluetooth, however, I’ve had problems using it so I purchased a USB bluetooth adapter and disabled the onboard one in device manager.)
Asus USB-BT400 USB Adapter (it’s been working flawless for the past month or so)
Windows 10 version 1903 with all the latest updates.
Wahoo KICKR Core with firmware v1.0.11 (released on Sept 4th) which enabled the onboard cadence sensor
Topeak Panobike BLE heartrate monitor

YouTube link:

OR if you prefer look up the video title " Win10 v1903 and BLE working on Zwift "

Hope this helps. Happy Riding : )

thanks @Ray_Alonzo: But may I ask why don’t you use ANT+ ?

Hey Gerrie, It was mainly due to economics. Most of the devices I have are bluetooth and don’t have ANT+ (Topeak Panobike heartrate monitor, and speed & cadence sensor).

So when I was setting up several months back, it was cheaper to just purchase a USB bluetooth adapter (I wouldn’t have had too, if the built in one in my laptop worked properly, but alas it wasn’t and out of warranty).

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Hi Ray. Forgive me if I’m over thinking this, is your work around essentially disabling the internal bluetooth and installing an external bluetooth adapter?



Thanks, this worked (uninstallation of KB4517389). Hopefully fix is coming soon to address this…

Hi Jeffery, sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, I had to disable the internal or built-in BLE. It wasn’t working even when I was using WIN 7. I concluded that it was a hardware issue through process of elimination.

This was my son’s ol’ laptop and he never used the BLE. The laptop is now out of warranty, so the most economical solution was to get a BLE USB adapter and disable the built-in one. I was using the Zwift companion app on my Android for a while but wanted to be able to “run out the door” with my phone battery adequately charged and not partially depleted.

Hope this helps. Good luck and always happy to help.