Windows bluetooth connection issue (after recent windows update)

Since the last Windows 10 update (last week) my Zwift won’t recognise the Flux2 Trax trainer, using bluetooth on my PC. It says ‘connected’ but then has a message in white font come up saying ‘no signal’. I’ve tried on two PCs and both have the same issues. I’ve also tried it on an iPad and iPhone and it works ok, so figure it must be a PC / windows issue. Also tried disconnecting the bluetooth connection in settings, then re-selecting the trainer… but this does not work either. I’ve updated the Flux2 firmware, but still having issues. Occasionally a message will pop up asking if I want to disconnect the Garmin Connect, but when choosing either Yes or No the zwift programme will crash. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jules_Tweedie

I would suggest completely closing Garmin Connect it is known to interfere. If possible uninstall GC.

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I’ve got the same issues with my Windows 10 laptop. I thought it may have been because of the Wahoo KICKR core firmware update, however there was a Windows 10 update at the same time. I can only get Zwift to work if I use the companion app. If I try via Bluetooth on the laptop, Zwift cant see the KICKR, it see’s the Power source, but says no connection. Hopefully Zwift fixes it. Support arent very helpful. Have you logged a support ticket?