Zwift does not control the resistance on my Elite Drivo


I just bought an Elite Drivo and I think the FE-C is not working properly. When I riding in normal mode and a hill comes I’m not feeling that the trainer becomes harder, it seems that alwys is offering the same resistance independently you have a positive or negative inclination.

When I’m pairing the devices, in the Controlable Trainer section it offers to me 2 options:

  • Elite FE-C “mydeviceserial”
  • Elite Real Trainer “mydeviceserial”

Which one I must select?  I have tried both options and the result is the same explained above.

Hope you can help me to conigure/fix the issue… Thanks in advance!

I would like to add that I’m using Zwift with a MacBook Pro (2012) … hope it can help to troubleshoot the issue.


FE-C should be paired for both Power and Controllable Trainer. I’d also recommend checking your resistance slider under the Settings menu. Make sure that it’s either centered or further to the right for more realistic resistance.

Finally, note that you won’t feel resistance if you’re doing a structured workout.

Hi Jason,


First of all, thanks for your answer. I was looking for the resistance slider in the Zwift Menu Setting but I did not find this feature. I was riding in normal mode…

I have one more question regarding the paired devices:  My trainer offers to me to make the connectivity via ANT+ or Bluetooth… when is searching both possibilities sometimes the ANT+ connnectivity is not found…  My question is if ANT+ connectivity is better than Bluetooth or are just the same…


Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards. 

Elite FE-C “mydeviceserial”  this is the correct one