Resistance - Elite


My elite trainer seems to have lost resistance! When I am going up hills it appears easy and when I’m going down hills or on a flat it’s harder?

Any ideas ? I’ve contacted Elite and they have said to recalibrate which I have done

TIA for any help

Which Elite trainer?

Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C?

What is the trainer difficulty slider set to in Zwift settings?

It’s a Elite Drivo trainer

I use Bluetooth

And difficulty is In the middle! I’ve never touched the slider

Stupid question:

Have you tried turning your trainer off and back on again?

Jack - you say you are using blue tooth. How are you viewing the program. Right now Zwift is having a massive problem with anyone who used blue tooth and an IOS program. I can’t use use my Kickr because I use and Ipad and Apple TV to run the Zwift program.

Hi mark, not sure what you mean but the app still runs fine for me so never thought about it, just assumed it was the trainer…

Didn’t even know zwift we’re experiencing problems either! How can I keep up to speed with what’s going on?

In the forums go to “Known Issues” and you will see the number of people complaining about this problem. Here is the link if you like UPDATE (4/22/2019): Some Trainers Are Lacking Resistance In ERG Mode