Elite Direto - Trainer difficulty not working w/ Zwift

My Elite Direto does not respond with any resistance while going up hill. My trainer difficulty is set to high. I’ve recalibrated. ERG mode in workouts does not work either. Thanks for the help!

Hi @Andrew_Garrett

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Did you pair the trainer as Power and controllable, also with ANT+ use the FE-c option.

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You have to pair everything with “ANT+ FE-C” or with Bluetooth.
If you pair it with “Elite Real Trainer”, it’s the old ANT+ and won’t work.
I have a Direto X and know this from experience.

Thanks Ben! I only see one option when selecting a Power Source - called “DI 24”. Same goes for my Controllable options. Do you think I’m missing something?

I connected to the Power Source & Controllable named “DI 24”! But I did this using bluetooth

Mine shows “Elite FE-C 2672439” (The number is sth like that) for Power, Controllable and Cadence.

I only pair with ANT+ FE-C since I don’t have Bluetooth on my PC.

Hi Andrew, I have the same problem and after three days have still not heard back from Elite. My unit has been working fine for two years and no for no reason the resistance is way to low. Did you find any solution to this issue? Cheers, Robert (p.s. so frustrating the customer service from Elite is so bad and this isn’t the first instance where this has been the case. And don’t even get me started about the power fluctuations)