Still FE-C option in Controllable window?

Hey hey, interesting thing here.

Was chatting to my riding mate, we ride regularly together and discussing Zwifting. He owns a KickR Snap, same model as me…. So we were going through the thoughts as to why his seems harder or he’s slower than i’d expect.
I got him to send me a screenshot of his pairing screen. Bottom right, controllable trainer option was set to Wahoo KickR %^%^ Now, i thought we always used the FE-C option for Zwift… So got him to change his to that…

Then i jumped on a ride to shadow him. Checked my screen… mine was same… No FE-C. However i’ve ridden tonnes of rides and races and definately have the resistance when climbing, i did a NY ride today up to the KOM and it changes resistance as you’d expect.

I’m off to do some Googling, but i’ll be curious as to anyone elses settings, whether they’re a a Snap or on anything else … Are you stil seeing FE-C in your bottom right corner of the Pairing?

Not sure if I can help. I always use the fe-c … and it works out fine for me. 1 out of 20 times the fe-c … is not automatically selected. Then I unpair, click on search and selct the fe-c…
No problems following this procedure.
My setup: elite direto, pc with windows 7 and an ant+ dongle

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You should use the ANT+ FE-C option. Zwift does weird things with pairing screen. Instead of using what was paired the last time you rode, it seems to want to rescan and pick whatever and/or pair something that wasn’t paired at all the previous session. As such, you might need to unpair, search, and pair what you want before each session.

Long story short… Prior to ANT+ FE-C, many of the big trainer brands (e.g., Wahoo, Tacx, CycleOps, etc…) all used ANT+ to control the trainers. However, it was more their own version of ANT+ so to speak. Apps like Zwift, in order to support different brands, would have to deal w/these different versions of ANT+. ANT+ FE-C is a standardized version that saves the app makers a lot of work. If all the trainers are using the same protocol, app makers only have to write code to support that protocol vs special/modified code for every brand.

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