not finding FE-C on Tacx Genius Smart T2080

(Paul Trenoweth) #1

I seem to have run into an issue where Zwift is now not finding the FE-C element of my trainer and as a result Zwift is not altering resistance. Is a new issue and has been working fine up until last week. The only selection is the “ANT+ Trainer 2511”

The trainer is all up to date on 3.1.13 and connecting via the Tacx T2028 dongle

Can you please assist,

Thanks in advance!

(Paul Trenoweth) #2

Argh! I had “flat” selected at the main screen instead of 'Hills"and as such the trainers resistance was not modified. Still used to see a FE-C at the pairing screen though? All seems to work pairing the “ANT+ Trainer 2511” option.