When choosing route i lose control of my avartar

After pairing succesfully i will choose a route and then my avartar is biking exactly the same speed regardless of what im doing. The same speed i had under pairing session. The turbotrainer is at the same time very hard to turn around.

Anyone have a clue whats happening?

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K- Lund-Sørensen

Tell us a lot more details about your setup. What sort of devices/sensors you have, what trainer, how you’re connecting the trainer, etc.

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My trainer is at Real power and i have a ANT switch. I start my zwift software and powering up (electricity) the Real power machine, then puting in the ANT i my computer, and the Zwift is starting pairing…and i can then se the Powermeter working until the pairing ends…then the watt is constant no matter what i am doing

Is that the Elite RealPower?

Is the resistance normal when you pedal in the Pairing screen?

Are you running on Windows or a Mac? I take it that you are saying you have an ANT+ dongle (the small thing that plugs into a USB port to give you ANT+)?

It is 3 yes’s …thank you Steve for sorting that out for me :slight_smile:

And its for windows…

When you pair the trainer to Zwift, you need to check that you are pairing the device labelled FE-C as the controllable device, as well as pairing the power device. Can you check that that’s what you’re doing?

Unfortunenately i can’t choose a device labelled FE-C :frowning: i can only choose elite real power 40139 with the symbol of the ANT switch

That sounds odd, and may point towards the cause of your problem. An ANT+ trainer normally presents a device with an FE-C label that you pair as the controllable device…FE-C is the part of ANT+ that allows control of a trainer (e.g. to control resistance).

Elite RealPower is on Zwift’s list of supported trainers, so it should be ok.

Which ANT+ dongle are you using?

some older Elite trainers did not have FE-c :frowning:


Sounds like it might be worth the original poster contacting Zwift to see if this trainer is still supported? We know how Zwift’s support documents can sometimes be a bit out of date.