Resistance not changing on some rides

Hi all

Windows 10 desktop running Zwift app
Companion App running on my iPhone 8 via bluetooth
Ant+ connection to desktop PC
Novo Smart Elite trainer

OK I know it’s a budget trainer and it could be faulty but I’ll see if anyone knows otherwise.

I’ve just started Zwifting recently and I’m gradually building my fitness up. I tend to ride 8-15 miles on the flatter courses.

Some days when I come on everything is fine but then on other days it’s not.

When it goes faulty the resistance on my trainer stays the same throughout the ride but the speed of my avatar on the app varies according to the gradients. This means I just end up doing a spinning session.

As I’ve said it is a cheap trainer but if anyones got any suggestions that would be great.



Hi Jan,

Welcome to Zwift! First things first, make sure the trainer is paired with the “FE-c” option, this is the ANT+ connection that will control the resistance. Also, make sure your tire pressure is set to the manufacturer recommendation which is usually around 100 psi. And the trainer roller is tightened enough against the tire.

Let us know if that solves your issue.
Ride on!

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Hi Mike

thanks for taking time to reply.

When I tried it tonight everything was working OK.

My rear tire pressure was a bit on the low side (75psi) so it’s now up at 100psi. The roller pressure is not a problem as you just adjust a screw so the roller just touches the wheel then throw a lever across so that it engages more and locks it in place.

The problem was likely to be the pairing. I was just letting it pair automatically assuming that it was fine.

I see from the “CONTROLLABLE” section there are actually 2 options. One is the “Elite RealTrainer 3929” and the other is “Elite FE-C 3929” so I’ve made sure it defaults to the FE-C one.

I’ll watch this over the next few days before ticking it as solved.

Incidentally the “POWER” and “CADENCE” sections also default to the FE-C option and I’m assuming that this is correct.



That is correct. FE-c is the way to go, that is the ANT+ profile for controllable trainers.


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All good now - marked as solved

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