Not sure my resistance is changing

Hi all,
I’m new to Zwift, I do use another popular training platform but thought I’d try out Zwift with my new smart trainer.
I was previously indoor training on Sportscrafters Resist Rollers and a power tap G3 hub.
New equipment Windows 10 laptop (4GB, dual core i3, old), Elite Drivo 2, Ant+ dongle for connection, 50inch TV, Android Note for companion app.
I’ve tried out the Drivo on my popular video based structured workout app, all fine, still hurts just as it did before on the resistance rollers, sees to function fine.
I’ve now ridden Yorkshire and then a mountain course in Wattopia. I’m not convinced I am having resistance changes. Definitely putting in power and able to sustain power but resistance seems somewhat fixed. I think I am noticing subtle changes in resistance but nothing that makes me shift gears. I basically road for 2 hours only really needing to shift gears to rest (I use sprockets only and remained on the big ring up front). I can see power, cadence and speed changes, if your go up hill at 200w speed drops and then increases on flat but resistance does not seem to change.
I have adjusted to 100% as I would like to feel the hills as much as possible.
Am I getting something wrong, I was expecting for example a 13% hill to put me in the small ring,
Many thanks,

Hi @Steve_Carson

Welcome to the forum.

When using ANT+ you need to select the FE-C option for power and controllable in the paring screen.


Hi, thanks for your reply, I’m sure the trainer showed that it was selected as controllable, I will check this and try re-pairing. Am I right to think that a 13% incline should be putting me in the small ring?

You might also want to check the Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwfit to see if it is set too low.

Thanks again for advice, I messed around, connected / disconnected etc. Trainer is at 100%. Zwift setup says connect trainer via smartphone blue tooth as a ‘bridge’ if using companion app. , this just didn’t work. Fixed by connecting trainer to computer Ant+ dongle via zwift, starting ride and checking getting changing resistance,I then started companion app and all played well together. I’m getting resistance and hills feel like hills, using all my gears on the inclines now