ANT+ and ZC on ZH not changing resistance

I’ve had some issues with my Zwift Hub (ZH) connecting to my new PC over the built-in BT receiver, so decided to go with the Zwift Companion (ZC) instead. It connects fine, but the resistance on the training sessions doesn’t appear to change at all. I’m used to it using some intelligence to match my cadence and output to the training goal watts, but it’s not happening. In the ZC ERG is turned on, and when I go manual, and change the incline value, there’s no change in resistance.

Failing this I moved over to use the ANT+ interface. 2m USB extension, and the ANT+ receiver strapped to the leg of the trainer… and the same experience. Seems to connect fine, but no resistance being experienced. ERG is on. When I turn it off, and max out the incline setting I experience no resistance.

When I use the full-fat version of the Zwift app on my android phone, it connects fine and the resistance is working well too. But who wants to be using their phone for Zwift, when I’ve got a PC to do that for me?

Game Version: 1.32.1(106405) rc/1.32.1

when you pair the ANT+ do you pair Power and controllable and do you use the FE-c option?

Yes. Although when i look now, the FE-C option is no longer listed…?

did you try to unpair everything to see if you get the option when you repair.