Zwift deceptive and dishonest practices

I asked a question about the procedures for cancelling a subscription.  My post was “answered” which didn’t allow me to post a followup.  But here is the issue.  I cancelled my subscription after about 2 weeks.  I was told in a post here that I would still be able to use it until the end of the period (1 month).  Instead when I tried to log in today I was told that my trial had expired and the only method of training would be to pay again.  The advice I was given in this forum by an apparently official source was false and dishonest. 

Now maybe its the case that 1 month means 1 calendar month - so that my subscription was cancelled as of Dec 1.  But then I paid the full $10 amount for half a month. 

This whole thing leaves me with a very bitter distaste of the business practices of this company - not to mention I lost a day of training because of it.

Hi Neal,

When the message comes up - did you click ‘Just Watch’ to see if it would let you ride? This a bug in our messaging system but you should get your full month.

No I didn’t click “just watch” because I wanted to ride not to watch. 


Well, can you click it and see if it’ll let you ride? Like I mentioned, this is a bug in our messaging system that we are working on fixing.

If not, I can test it for you by trying to log in under your account (but I’d have to change the password as we don’t store that information). And I’d rather not without getting permission first.

Our records also indicate you are paid through the 14th of this month, so I suspect that if you click ‘Just Watch’ it will allow you to ride normally.

I just tried it and it works that way.  But it would have been greatly appreciated if the bug was pointed out when I asked the question.  So that I would lose this planned training session.  Now its too late because I have to go to work.

Apologies for the confusion and the wasted morning training session - it sometimes works that way, and others it works as intended.

Thank you for understanding!

Sorry to hijack this thread Neal, but, Eric seeing as you’re reading this post and answering, please could you also answer mine and several others query on the technical FAQ in the support forum, entitled…

how to get the 2 free months as a Strava Premium member


I have been unable to do anything for 8 days. The support and lack of response has left us all disappointed.

Funny how people the first thing they jump to is that they are being conned and swindled rather than an honest mistake or problem.

Hi Wes,

Looks like you were already answered and helped :slight_smile:

Indeed I have *cough cough* finally, been answered and helped :wink:


People seem very quick to fly off the handle around here…

when Zwift was Beta and free, most people tended to be very forgiving about these sort of things…but now when we are Live and money is being exchanged, its seems there’s a lot less patience and tolerance in our instant gratification world we live in now…

And rightly so.  When you charge money, you have an obligation to deliver the services contracted for.  I foresaw a potential issue, asked a question in this forum, was given misinformation with no proper disclosure of the bug and thereby damaged as a result.  The services I contracted for were not available to me.  That deserves to be pointed out to this organization and to other potential clients.

Alright, this is starting to get personal so nipping it in the bud.