how to get the 2 free months as a Strava Premium member

(Frans Tobben WBR B) #1


I 'm a Strava premium member. I’ve had experienced the ZWIFT Free Trial, withhout the STRAVA connection. Now my free trial period is over and I connected ZWIFT to Strava. Now I want to join ZWIFT However I cannot join withhout payment.

I already tried to disconnect and connect again to Strava but it did’t help.

How can I rejoin ZWIFT with the 2 months as a STRAVA premium member.





(Frans Tobben WBR B) #2

Hello again,

I’ve tried again this evening. It worked. My question can be canceled.




(Ruud Ruud) #3

I’m experiencing the same problem with an account.


  • Strava free was connected to Zwift trail

  • Zwift trail expired

  • Strava premium activated

  • Disconnect Strava from Zwift

  • Reconnect to Zwift, the website shows the premium bonus

  • The Zwift-client on Windows 10 still states the trail has expired.

Also tried installing Zwift on a new system (to rule out locally stored account information) but my account still is expired according to the Windows-client.


What to do?

(Wes Davies (PAC ZHCC SUB2 )) #4

I have got the same frustrating problem.

Started using the trial, didn’t do 50k, but says trial ended.

Paid for strava premium

Zwift still says trial expired.

Unlinked and relinked, still the same.

I cannot do anything.

I have been emailing Zwift support now for almost a week. Poor.

(Chelsea Berkompas) #5

I’m in the same boat as Wes. I have a ticket open with Zwift support but haven’t heard back yet. 

(Wes Davies (PAC ZHCC SUB2 )) #6

Are any of the Zwift Support team reading this post? This is the last I heard…

Jessica S. (Zwift)

Dec 2, 05:33


Thank you for updating us!

I am passing your ticket onto the responsible team here at Zwift. Since launch we’ve had an enormous spike in demand but all of our members will help you as soon as they can. We thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any further questions or queries.

Jessica Sanders

(Linus Gillander) #7

Same problem here. Going back to trainerroad and sufferfest.

(Wes Davies (PAC ZHCC SUB2 )) #8

Anyone at Zwift actually going to respond to this??

I’ve hijacked another thread, I’ve emailed via facebook page. Still no response.

If I left my customers in limbo like this, I’d have none left!!

(Chelsea Berkompas) #9

It’s working for me now. I just opened Zwift, it downloaded the latest update, and 60 bonus days are active for my account. Hopefully I’m not alone!

(Wes Davies (PAC ZHCC SUB2 )) #10

Zwift support team have finally woken up for me, after I sent them my strava premium screenshot. I ended up paying the monthly subscription rather than wait for them to sort it, as I wanted to use it yesterday/this weekend. They have offered to sort me out a refund too, and seem to know how to resolve the issue im facing. Lets wait and see :slight_smile:

(Ruud Ruud) #11

I also ended up activating Zwift with the monthly payment. I’m hoping the two free Strava-months will follow after this first month.

Customer support from Zwift isn’t good by the way. No one contacted me yet… 

(Wes Davies (PAC ZHCC SUB2 )) #12

I think it’s because I hounded and hounded them via email/facebook/other thread etc etc. They did say they’ve been busy, but a resolution time of nine days is very poor.

They are refunding this month for me, and giving me the two months on top. So after all my efforts, which to be honest has taken up quite a lot of my time, I am happy again.

Good luck with your case, hope you get it resolved.

(Brett Halpern) #13

I just paid for Zwift.  Didn’t really do the trial and I am a Strava Premium member.  Just found out about the 2 free months.  I disconnected and re-connected.  Is there anything else I’m supposed to do to get the free 2 months.  I’m not sure where to look to find out in my account.