Strava Premium = 2 Months free access does not work

(G. Freitas Love Tiles) #1


I changed my Strava account to premium and did not get the 2 free months in Zwift

I’ve tried disconected the strava from zwift and then connect again but is not working.

I received this notification but on zwift it says that my trial expired

(Scott) #2

Hi Goncalo - it looks like you unlocked your Strava bonus on Nov 22nd, 2015 which is why it just expired. Per the message, Strava Premium entitles you to 2 consecutive free months of Zwift once every 12 months.

Don’t worry, you’ll get your next 2 Free month bonus on Nov 21st this year. 

If you experience any further issues, please submit a support request and we’ll be glad to sort you out. Ride On!


(G. Freitas Love Tiles) #3

My bad, I apologize for my question , I thought it was 2 free months a year and not 12 to 12 months. Thanks for the clarification :wink: