Strava Premium / Zwift - 2 free months access

I’m reading online that Strava has partnered with Zwift to give Strava Premium members two months of free access every year. Any idea how this will be rolled out? 

Again.  Loads of interesting stuff happenning and no information on the website and nothing even on the Blog (which seems to be used rarely for the odd event).

If you want to know what’s happenning you need to watch / search social media.

Do you get the 2months free when you sign up to Strava Premium for a free trial as I did when I already paid the monthly sub. Or is it that you have to be a paying strava premium member to get the two months?

Hi Stephen - all Strava Premium members are entitled to the 2 month Strava Premium bonus on Zwift. 

Sometimes it takes awhile for your Strava Premium status to be reflected in Zwift. Simply disconnect and reconnect your Strava account to update your status immediately.

I did that, disconnect and then reconnect again, but it still doesn’t show my free trial 

Hi Dom - our records show that you unlocked your Strava bonus this morning. It looks like the confirmation email that was sent to you was suppressed. Sorry about that!

I signed up for Zwift a few weeks ago using my Strava premium bonus but at the time I didn’t realize I needed an ant+ dongle. I ordered the dongle yesterday and it should arrive on Monday but I see that the clock has been ticking on my Zwift membership even though I haven’t used it. Is there a way to reset it when I actually begin to use it on Monday? 

Is it the case that Strava premium users get two free months of Zwift each year? I have a premium Strava account but despite disconnecting and reconnecting I still can’t get the freebie.

Hi Chris - yes, Strava Premium users get 2 Free months of Zwift once every 12 months. You need to connect your Strava account to Zwift so we know your Strava status.

I just checked your account and it doesn’t look like you’ve connected. Does Strava show as connected on Zwift Mobile Link or your dashboard ( under connections? If you continue to experience issues, please submit a ticket and we’ll sort you out.  

Hi Scott, It shows as connected on the app yes and oddly I was allowed to join in and ride this evening? I was about to pay the sub to get back in when it just dropped me in there? I just assumed that the free trial had started but I’m still not showing as joined. Very strange.

Based on today’s login we’re now showing you as Strava premium. Ride On. 

thanks for that!  Still showing as cancelled on the Zwift webpage tho?

 Maybe it just needs time to update?

Hi Zwift, please can you help I have joined strava premium, how do I use my free 2 month trial?


Scott, when does the annual two months free kick in?   I believe I did get my two months free back in the fall of 2015.   I’m a strava premium member and just curious when the second round of “two months free” kick in.   Is it always 12 months after you got the first one or does it always come around at a specific time of the year?   Like January?

Also, what happens if I suspend my Zwift membership over the summer, when I typically get all my rides in outside??



I am also wondering about the two months Strava Premium. I have not received any such thing and I have been a Zwift user nearly 6 months now. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting without anything happening. Any ideas?

Hello , I’m new to strava premium .

have I 2 months free in zswift ??

Strava disconnect , and reentered . but nothing appears to connect free to swift.

I also get mail confirming my subscription premium Strava


Hi Sergio. I checked it out for you. Looks like your promotion has been applied to your account a few minutes after you posted here. Since your free trial has ended, the two months from your Strava Premium promotion will take over if it hasn’t already. Sometimes there is a short delay between connecting a Strava Premium account and getting the promotion applied. 

Hope that helps, Sergio! 

HI, Nick.

is working.


Sergio - I’m glad to hear it!

Christopher and Luke - I’m sorry for not seeing your messages, as well. Christopher, it looks like Eric helped get you going and your Strava bonus should expire on August 18.

And Luke, it looks like your Strava bonus was actually rolled into your free trial, giving you 74 days of free Zwift. 


@Nick,   sorry, I’m not exactly clear on that.   Right now, I’m on hiatus from Zwift, and will look to get it going again in November or so.   Can I expect another 2 months free of Zwifting because I am a Strava Premium member?   The way I read it, it’s 2 months per year.    I did get my first two months back at the start of 2015, but I’m not wondering about my NEXT two free months.   Will it kick in once I activate my account again in the fall?   Or is there some rule that you must always be an active user?   This is what I’m curious about.