Strava - Premimum 2 months free

(Kyle Swanton) #1

Does the two month free for Strava Premium members only apply to Zwift users in the free trial, or do Zwift subscribers, that are also Strava premium members also get 2 months free as well? 

(Scott) #2

Hi Kyle - all Strava Premium members are entitled to 2 free months of Zwift once every 12 months. 

EDIT: The Strava Premium promotion has ended as of December 31st, 2016. Please read this post for more details.

(C Bradley (Yeovil)) #3

hi just signed up to strava premium today but I’m only showing 15 k left after my hour ride on Zwift

regards Colin B

(Kyle Swanton) #4

Thanks Scott.  So, just to be clear, since I’m a Zwift subscriber (i.e. paid), and also Strava premium, will Zwift just select 2 months per year to not bill me then, and the rest of the months I’ll just see the $10 charge on my credit card?

(Scott) #5

If you’re already a Zwift member and you upgrade to Strava premium, we’ll credit your bonus miles starting from the next billing cycle. 

Colin - sometimes it can take a bit for the server to update your status. If you’re experiencing a lag, please disconnect and reconnect your Strava account and it should show up. If you continue to experience any issues, shoot us a support ticket and we’ll sort it out. Thanks!



(Hiroshi Uda) #6

i am strava premiumu menber.

but see the $10 charge on my credit card log.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Hi Hiroshi,

I’m going to turn this into a ticket and we will get you resolved ASAP. Thank you for your patience!

(Mark Croonen) #8

Just as comment. While the 2 months free for Strava premium users was a nice offer unfortunately it was a complete waste for some people (like me) because of the way it was arbitrarily handed out.

For northern hemisphere users the start of the 2 month offer in November would have been a good thing however for southern hemisphere users (such as myself) this offer started just at start of summer. So while Zwift is really cool and very realistic, it doesn’t beat the feel of a real ride and when you live in an environment which barely has any rain and is around 25 - 29c each day, well you just don’t have much need for indoor training.

So in future could please allocate the 2 months free maybe via promo code so we can choose when to activate the offer, otherwise it will continue to be a complete waste.



(Antonio Pinto) #9

Hello zwift

i’m a premium member in strava, and i’m not access to zwift  two months free. can verify because it says expired


best regards


antonio pinto





(Marshall Henderson) #10

I was a Strava Premium member before getting the trainer and starting Zwift.  I got a notice on December 29, 2016 that because I was a Strava Premium member I would get free Zwift until the end of the year.  Really?  Two days?  Why does it say you get two months if you only get days until the end of the year.

I guess if November and December 2017 will be free it qualifies as two months for 2017, but that is not the way the advertising sounded.  I am not complaining mind you.  I think the Zwift is worth the $10 a month and I am still a Strava Premium member.  I just laughed at the two free days.  Two months would be great and much appreciated, but two days was a joke.

(Scott) #11

Hi Marshall - you actually caught the last two days of the Strava Premium bonus so in that sense you were lucky :). The program has ended as of Dec 31st, 2016.

Where did you see the 2 months advertised? Want to make sure that there isn’t some legacy messaging out there. Thanks and Ride On!

(Marshall Henderson) #12

What I saw was in the discussion of linking your Strava account to Zwift.  It clearly said two free months each year for Strava Premium members.  Others read the same thing as we were setting up our Zwift accounts. I read the post you linked above notifying everyone that the annual two free months program was coming to an end.  I wasn’t a member when that came out, I just read about the two free months during sign up and linking the Strava account.  Two free months a year would be nice, but as I said before I am enjoying my Zwift and like the auto syncing with Strava.