Strava premium + Zwift = 2 months access?

Does anyone know what the deal is with the 2 months free access when having a strava premium account? I have strava premium however after the trial ended, it didn’t automatically give me another 2 months access as the website says.

To keep on riding i did put in 10 dollars for the next month :slight_smile: just couldnt wait. Does anyone know if this is technical issue, or do you only get those 2 months after a full year strava premium? (for example)

I’ve heard if you disconnect your Strava account from Zwift, and then reconnect, it will then trigger the free 2 months.

I think that as Zwift is such a great program I wouldn’t mind paying the small amount of money to keep it growing and improving.

reconnecting strava works for me !

Excellent! next month i am gonna try that out :smiley: first do some serious biking… :slight_smile:

Thomas is spot on. Sometimes it takes awhile for your Strava Premium status to be reflected in Zwift. Simply disconnect and reconnect your Strava account to update your status immediately. 

This free trial has not kicked in for me.  I have reconnected reloaded resigned in about 20 times and still says my original trial is over.  When and how does the free 2 months start


It looks like the 2 months are working for me since its more than a month now that i paid for zwift and i still have access. I dont see any indications that i am on strava premium period now… as long as it works :slight_smile: