Two months free

Sure this has been asked before but can’t seem to find the info I need.


I’m a Strava premium member and a zwifter, how do I access the free two months a year? Do I have to do anything or is it automatic?

Thanks in advance.

You need to have your Strava profile linked into Zwift through the dashboard at Also it must be a premium Strava membership.

Got premium and account is linked to zwift. So is that it or do I need to activate the free months somehow?

Mine was activated automatically, Colin.  I started the free Zwift trial (30km or whatever it is), then linked my Strava Premium account.  It told me that my 2 free months would start after my trial distance ran out, and during the game it even popped up messages to tell me that my free 2 months would start in X or Y km.

Sometimes you can force Strava to send over the appropriate data to unlock the bonus by disconnecting your account from Zwift and then reconnecting it as well.

As David mentions, it will apply at the end of your current payment period or trial period.

Hope this helps!

My husband and i just joined Zwift and i was told i get 2 months free when 14 day trial is up when we connected to strava but this did not happen for my husband, just wondering if he also gets the 2 month free too? and if not why not? as we are both Strava premium members!



I have been a Strava Premium users for three years now. Despite this I’ve noticed my Paypal account was charged on October 26th for my November Zwift subscription even though we are supposed to get November and December free. What should I do about this?

Zwift and Strava have been linked for over a year now and I have refreshed the link today as was suggested in some other posts.