Misleading cancelling account info

Cancelling your account-the information displayed on the effect of cancellation is misleading.
When I cancelled the information said I would have access to Zwift until the end of my billing period. I cancelled on the 1st July, my last payment was taken on 14th June, so I took it I could cancel, and still do my Zwift MastersSA race the next week on 7th July.
When I checked after cancelling, I found the same message on both my MyZwift page, and when I opened the game…”you’ve got 25km left”, in other words I was on the free trial account.
I contacted support by messaging. I was told because I was paying by direct debit, that the account stopped immediately - this was not mentioned when going through the cancellation process…the information given clearly led me to believe my account access would continue until the end of the billing period.

Can the information provided during the cancellation process please specify the different consequences of cancelling for the different types of accounts available.

I have now lost half of my months access, and cannot do my planned 45km race next week. I was told there was nothing Zwift could do, you couldn’t reactivate my account, nor provide me with a voucher as compensation. The reason given was it wasn’t Zwift managing the payment, even though I did the payment through the Zwift website, and even though, no matter through what avenue, Zwift is the recipient of my subscription.

Not a happy bunny.

Hope you get this resolved, please can you keep the forum informed of the outcome

As far as Zwift is concerned, it is resolved…”there is nothing they can do”
I was hoping for feedback from Zwift that they have altered the information, and options for action, provided on the cancellation process through the membership path of the MyZwift website.

This is very poor. You’ve paid for a months subscription you should get the whole month. It shouldn’t matter how you’ve paid.

I contacted support again this time through email, yesterday.
They replied early this morning:

“After taking a look into this, it seems this is a billing system issue and we are currently working on getting it fixed. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, I have gone ahead and applied a 1 month promo to your account to make up for the missing time. The promo will begin the next time you start pedaling.”

So I’m hoping when changes are made, this won’t be a problem to others in future.

From the above experience it seems more effective to email support rather than message them!


I’ve used the subscription suspend function, twice so far (each summer in fact). That part seems to work ok - you go to the end of the last paid period, see the account stopped for the number of weeks you request (and they’re smart, limiting it to 8 weeks…), and the subscription resumes with a payment at the end of the suspension period.

They apparently handle cancellations differently, which they shouldn’t.

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