Question on Cancellation

Hypothetically speaking, if I cancel my membership today will it continue till the end of the current month for which I have already paid or is it with immediate effect? For example, I had paid last 12th March and my next payment is due on 12th April. If I cancel today can I Zwift till 12th April?

I want to cancel as I will be touring for a few weeks starting 12th April. I want to Zwift till like 10th April. Will rejoin when I come back.

If you cancel now you can still ride for the period you’ve paid for. You will then get a further 25km trial which renews each month.

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If you cancel for a couple of months and rejoin, do you start again from scratch or does it remember what level you got to?


As long as you use the same email address you will not lose XP, level or Drops.


Thanks a lot Steve and Paul.

And where exactly this should be done? Is it online on or inside mobile app?
And I could leave all my details including the payment method inside the account and could come back at any time? Correct?
Also planning some two-month vacations during the summer, so want to be sure that all the XP, level, bikes will not be lost during the temporary suspension of the account.

You would cancel Zwift on this link:

Don’t worry, as long as you use the same email your Level, XP, Drops and equipment will remain.

I would suggest removing payment info until you resume.

A lot of Zwifters cancel (a better word would be suspend) over the summer months and come back with everything still the way they left it.


Since this is a common question when people start hitting the road every Spring, it would be helpful if Zwift would put in a “Suspend” account feature on their website explaining why you should suspend instead of cancel. Even more helpful would be a “Summer Pricing Tier” for folks who primarily ride outside during the warm months but still want to hit Zwift once a week or so for interval training.