Zwift crashing on iPad (5th Generation) whilst racing since update on April 29th, 2020

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, however we hope that Zwift will provide a definitive solution to these conflicts that were not present before the last update … Thank you very much!

However, I need the bluetooth of the phone.
I have the iPad connected by Bluetooth to the trainer with Zwift, The phone (Android Samsung A8) a Companion app, but I need the bluetooth for the wireless headphones, since I use “Discord” from the phone to communicate with my friends during events. You could use wired headphones, but it should work the other way.
ah ¡¡¡¡, I forgot, I have the iPad shared to see on the screen of an old TV with a Ezmira wifi module

I am not sure if anything I do has a real impact or not. It’s just something I tried and am having good results. It’s the same as me saying that I jump up and spin around 3 times before riding. Until Zwift actually fixes it we are all shooting in the dark.

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I had my first crash in a race tonight since the 2nd May.

It’s really infuriating.

The only thing I accidentally did differently this evening was that I forgot to ensure that the Companion App was “Force Closed” on my Samsung Galaxy 8.

Since my original issues I have not been using the Companion App (making sure it is force closed if I have been using it prior to opening Zwift on the iPad before racing) whilst racing and resetting my iPad before every race I have had no crashes for the last three weeks.

I have asked support to update me on my ticket and will update the forum if I get a response.

If others are still having problems please continue to update this forum post.


There seems to be a new program update to fix these issues. Hopefully so …

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Hi, just joined the forum to weigh in with my story.
I’m running Zwift on a 6th generation iPad and it keeps crashing in races, The last 3 Saturday morning races gone.
The iPad is running on 13.4.1, it’s a 32gig machine with 7 gig free space on it.
I don’t run the companion app while racing it’s just me the KICKR and the iPad running Zwift. My legs are ok, the KICKR works fine with trainer road so that only leaves either Zwift or the iPad.
I’d really love to get this sorted, though I’m not very hopeful.
Anyway that’s my experience of Zwift, I only joined 2 months or so ago.
I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

Have you updated to the latest software released a couple of days ago version 1.050775. I’m hoping this will have fixed the problems but have yet to test myself in a race?

There is a mention in the change log about a fix but not sure if this relates to the problems on this board.

"Fixed a few bugs related to the anti-sandbagging code causing a crash for iOS, Apple TV and Android users."

Hey, I updated to the latest game so fingers crossed although since I have good luck by resetting Ipad before each game and turning off Companion App bluetooth on my phone. I have completed about 7 events without issue. HOWEVER, (that’s a nice way of saying BUT) after I updated Zwift on my Ipad my Companion App stop showing the map. I tried all the usual things, force close, reset, double check network, even removing and reloading both programs from the App store. FINALLY, I rebooted my home router to force a rediscover and reconnect and that worked. Both programs seem to behave normally now so like I said, fingers crossed.

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I just updated the app
I’ll try a race on Monday or so.
Will be interesting. I’m betting it makes no difference and it crashes again.

I’m using iPad 6th gen and usually crashed in the Past 3 weeks especially the long rides. It is not possible to re-enter the event after the first 30 minute even the distance record is still there (no drops and watts record).