Zwift crashing. Not asking for write permissions to Documents folder

My app is still crashing (Big Sur): deleted, reinstalled, hopefully the issue won’t return.

In the meantime: something I’ve noticed is that the Swift app does not trigger a request to the operating system for permitting access to the Documents folder (where Zwift stores its settings). Interestingly, the Zwift icon does appear in the ‘allow full disk access’ category but is “unchecked”.

Shouldn’t the app be requesting access to the Documents folder during installs?

For now I’ve manually given Zwift access to the full disk, however, it would be preferable not to (i.e. giving it access only to the Document folder if the option were to present itself.)

Hi @Gareth_Simons welcome to Zwift forums.

Yes, it should. If Zwift doesn’t have write permissions to the Documents folder, it can not start up properly. Do you have your Documents folder backed up to a cloud drive? That’s one of the things that can cause write errors wo that folder.

Before you delete every folder and file that came up in that search - save your personal records as described in this Support Hub article

I’ve noticed that the pop ups often appear behind other apps, and that certainly won’t help.

However, I have given access to the Documents folder to Zwift, and am asked every single time to allow access, which seems to be a two click process before Zwift will start.

Also the Zwift window itself seems to disappear from the dock and can’t be switched to without a mouse or trackpad after pressing the initial “Let’s Go” button!

Documents is ordinarily for user generated documents that get synced to places like iCloud, not for apps to save their random assortments of app support files. i.e. It’s an issue if Zwift’s developers expect people to stop using iCloud just so that Zwift can use the Documents folder as and when it wants to.

It’s also a security issue, because now we have to allow Zwift whole disk write access, which means that we have to put a lot of trust in your Zwift developers to not go mucking about with all sorts of other personal data on the computer.

Long story short, Zwift should be using a more standard location to save and update app settings, files, workouts. If there are user and workout specific files that need to be synced then the onus is on Zwift to find a solution that doesn’t require people to disable iCloud, compromise security, or otherwise use their operating systems in a non-intended way.

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