Security issue on Mac?

I installed the Zwift App on my MacBook, and got a message saying I needed to grant access to my Documents folder. I did that, and noticed the app had setup a ‘Zwift’ folder with some files in it.

Out of interest, I looked in Application Settings to see which other programs have this same level of access to my Documents folder. The answer was: None of them! WhatsApp, Dropbox, Firefox etc. all have access to the DOWNLOADS folder, where they store files they need. That seems sensible to me.

But why should any App need access to the whole of my Documents folder? I can’t think of any good reason why the Downloads folder wouldn’t be much better.

Imagine if there’s a bug in a new release of the Zwift app. Or a security issue. Presumably this program has the rights to read everything in my Documents folder! Or delete everything!

I’ve turned off that setting, and now the Zwift app refuses to run. So I’m gonna try some alternatives to Zwift until this gets changed.

Would be interested to know what others think. Or if anyone can reassure me that granting access to the Documents folder doesn’t come with those risks.