After saved event no result in MacOs documents/Zwift/logs

After saved rides/events it was allways shown on my iMac (documents/Zwift and iPhone (Companion app/Activities). This was all going well before 2020. Shortly I’m again active in Zwift. The same account.
But when I save an event it isn’t shown in the standard map “documents/Zwift” and also not in de Zwift app on my iPhone in the “activities” page.
I don’t see any solution anywhere!

What version of zwift are you running?

Hello Ben, I use the actual Zwift app on my iMac. I don’t use the iPad.
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When you launch zwift a window opens and down the bottom of that window it should say a number, From memory I think it should be 1.0.49821. If not make sure to update the zwift app on the iMac.

What Mac OS are you using? 10.15?

If so there’s a small chance zwift doesn’t have permission to write to the documents folder and you need to manually allow it.

See the post here about how to try to do that (if you don’t have any 30 day personal bests or any custom workouts then there are less steps).

Hello Ben, The number below on the Zwift window is the same (1.0.49821).
My Mac is running with the latest update 10.15.3.
I think that it has indeed to do with permission to write to the documents folder. When open the app I never got a massage to agree to use the folder. I understand that I can find the solution in the post you send me.
For so far many thanks. I let you know if I find the solution for this problem.

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I followed the instructions for re-install the zwift app on my Mac with catalina. So i de-install the app and made a copy of the cd folders in the documents map and after doing that I delete this map. Also I delete the map in the Application support app.
After installing the Zwift app I didn’t find a new folder “Zwift” in the documents map and after a test ride and saving this ride I find no file in the Documents map. So I think the best way is to stop with using Zwift