Zwift can't access document files [April 24, 2024]

I got an error that says that Zwift can’t access my documents folder. I have went through all the steps on forums and followed reccomondations online: I uninstalled and reinstalled, I opened it as an administrator and made sure that the zwift file wasn’t on a cloud folder. I can’t get the app to open.

If anyone could help me I would appriciate it. Thank you in advance.

do you have onedrive or some other cloud sync service enabled?

I did but i disabled it. also it wasn’t connected to the program files folder

might have something to do with this recent issue? Lack of write access error [March 2024] [Launcher 1.1.12]

I have controlled folder acces off and cleared my cache in chrome.

Turned off FireWall completely and it still shows the same error.

Hi @Tomer_Berger, welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the great suggestions from our community members.

This allow us to rule out possible causes. Are you on a work/school computer? If so, I suggest switching to a personal computer. Another aspect that we could review is your hard drive. If it is failed, You can check the health of your hard drive with resources like SeaTools.

If the issue persists, I encourage you to contact us to drill down in your game logs. We will be delighted to help.