Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride


If it was a firewall issue wouldn’t zwift not work at all?

It can work initially but then when there’s a UDP connection timeout the system could be blocked from reconnecting and cause the program to freeze. I’m not a technology person but this was one of my theories and so far it has worked for me. Just passing along any information I can as there are so many with this issue with no real solution.

My solution is to use another product that works.

I’m convinced there is something quite wrong with zwift and no apparent solution. I will be taking my business elsewhere. My zwift trial ends 1/5 and I will not be subscribing.

I truly dont believe that there is some hardware error occurring to cause zwift to freeze up. I need the data from my workouts and require my training app to remain stable.

Hi Erwin

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I’ve got a list of possible solutions from the Zwift support team. Trial and error, wait & see.
I’m a complete computer noob but I see a lot of new Lenovo’s passing by these days. Mine is a new Lenovo Ideapad S145…

Thanks, could you share those? My solution was to buy a 2nd ha d GTX750ti GPU card for a 10year old PC I wasn’t using anymore. Would however like to be able to use the laptop as well.
BTW I did. come across a few issues on other fora of OpenGL and Intel Iris.

I’m also running a brand-new Lenovo Ideapad 3 with Intel UHD graphics. I noticed that the driver for the graphics is a Lenovo driver. I have the option of downloading an Intel driver, but Intel’s website recommends keeping the Lenovo driver.

Jamie, I have done that, updated to the latest Intel driver. No difference.

I thought it may be one of these, but further testing indicated that this was not the problem?

I reset the router, opened the firewall, updated the wifi and BT drivers. I’ll let you know if any of these fix the problem. Right now, I’m leaning in the same direction as Thomas. I’m on the free trial, and if it doesn’t get resolved, I’ll probably go with a different platform. Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard anything from Zwift Support.

I uninstalled the display device through device manager and rebooted.

I then installed the newest Intel win 10 DCH driver. I believe it was release on 12/23.

Download Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH file: igfx_win10_100.9126
it can be found at intel driver download site. I’d include a link but that isn’t allowed. if you google the above file name, you should be able to find it.

Zwift worked for almost 8 minutes…which is longer than the previous 4 tries to use the application.

I hope the driver update works for some of you.

Wow - same issues here. Crazy to see so many having this issue.

I’ve been leaning toward this being some kind of Bluetooth issue. In all of my logs where it crashes I have a series of “BLE : Crank power 3sec timeout” errors. This is on every single ride that freezes, which is basically all of them.

I tried disabling the onboard Bluetooth and switched to a stronger dongle and still the same issues.

What’s really interesting is that my work machine that’s in the same room always goes whacky when I have the Zwift issue (Windows menu popping up randomly and my mouse more/less stops clicking). I disabled the Bluetooth on that machine too, but no luck.

Either way, I still think it’s Bluetooth related.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

I have to chime in here. Just take a look around this forum and you will see a litany of issues that all revolve around Bluetooth connectivity or Bluetooth data latency. Based on what I see no device type type (PC, Apple) or operating system appears to be immune. And the only consistency is no consistency with the problem. I don’t want to start flaming the fine folks at Zwift here but wake up and smell the coffee, there is a huge problem going on here.
BTW, I’m not a bystander here, I have been battling this with Apple TV/Zwift for weeks now.

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I have been on Zwift for over 4 years, and since upgrading to a intel core i5 with integrated graphics, I have had nothing but problems. I first reported the Problem to Zwift about 6 months ago, and have had several conversations with their support department. Basically they have advised me that they have a problem with intel integrated graphics, which they are working to resolve. The most annoying thing I find is that it seems entirely random as some days I can ride for well over an hour and have no freezes, today for the first time it crashed twice, first on solo ride (warm up) the second time during tour de zwift. I am persistent if nothing else, and on my third attempt joined a group ride on the Bologna course, this time I managed an hour with no issues whatsoever.

I did two rides today. Both were the “shorter FTP test.” The first time, Zwift crashed when I checked something on my phone. Specifically, I had the Companion App open, and I minimized it to open another app, but when I minimized it, Zwift crashed. A few times, the crashes have happened when I did something on my phone. I don’t know if I’m overtaxing my network, but I figure a home router should be able to handle Zwift as well as checking email on an iPhone. I don’t want to be in a situation in which I’m doing a workout and it crashes because someone else in my house is online.

Anyway, the second time I did the workout, there were no problems, but I didn’t do anything on my phone except use the Companion app.

In any case, I think I might look for another platform. It’s a shame. I was hoping to do a little e-racing.

I hear you - and agree. So frustrating. Thanks also for the input on AppleTV. Was going to jump to that as a resolution, but sounds like that’s not fool proof either.

PS - what’s a good alternative platform? Where are others going? I’m new to this indoor training stuff.


for what it is worth, I did a 34+ mile (Col de la Colmiane) ride on Rouvy Sunday. I had some graphics lag at one point which I think was caused by everyone being on the internet at the house…but my pc didn’t crash. And I got to see the mountains outside of Nice, France and I didn’t spend the afternoon chasing done PC problems.

Well, I rode for about 26 minutes then Zwift hung up. Event Viewer review points toward the Intel integrated graphics card and the driver I just installed.

I see there is a new Apple IOS game version out today. I will install and give a report of my findings when I get a test ride in.

Intel just released new version of their embedded graphics driver on January 4th: I’ll try with that one and report back here, maybe it will solve the issue.