Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

That’s exactly what happened to me, with no hardware or software changes (other than required Windows and Zwift updates). The PC wasn’t even used over the summer (turned off as it’s only used for Zwift). I had another 1070 and 1060 from other systems which I swapped to see if it was a graphics card issue, with thr same results. I then did a clean graphics card driver update and the crashing continued. I played some higher end games on the PC with zero issues. I also ran Prime95 and Furmark simultaneously with zero errors. I even replaced my power supply with a spare 750 watt gold power supply with no change.

What finally “worked” was to remove every non-essential Windows service. I was kinda in bezerker mode as this was the last thing to try before a clean Windows install, so it’s kinda hard to know which one did the trick.

Disabled services include:
All Asus, Dell printer, auto time zone, fax, Microsoft update health, net.tcp port sharing, NVIDIA Display Container, OpenSSH, phone, remote registry, routing and remote access, shared PC account manager, windows search, and all Xbox services.

I also uninstalled everything not used. The only things installed are Zwift, NVIDIA graphics driver, Ethernet driver, Visual C++ stuff needed for Zwift, Microsoft Edge and WebView2 (needed for Zwift), Chrome (so I can rant on this thread), and the ANT libUSB drivers.

I also went through the Windows Settings Apps & features and removed every app that had an uninstall (except for the Xbox Game Bar which it seems Zwift uses as I installed it and Zwift would no longer run).

There was a few other things I uninstalled via PowerShell (as the can’t be uninstalled via the GUI). I found these by going through the running tasks in Task Manager and tried killing everything that wasn’t needed (the Internet is your friend looking each one up).

In any case, there seems to be a conflict somewhere with Zwift, the 1070/1060, and with something else. Other games are not effected and everything but Zwift works perfectly.

Maybe this rundown of what I tried will help someone else. I really just wish Zwift was willing and/or able for us paying customers to send them logs and try to sort out crashing issues like this. As a hardware/software engineer, I find it amazing that they’re unable and/or unwilling to assist customers with serious problems like this. Maybe because they think of Zwift as a monopoly, which I kinda agree with. But lack of support and crashing issues is exactly the kind of thing which causes another company to pop up and take over. Zwift should take a lesson from MySpace. A poorly managed monopoly doesn’t last.

Got an update guys. I have replaced GPU with new Radeon RX 6650 XT, and also upgraded PSU. Played few rides, but it did crash again, so it wasn’t issue with GPU (as I thought). After last crash, I have done all the known fixes like sfc scannow, disabled FW on router, played without Firefox opened etc. Still in touch with Zwift support so will see. Last time they reported (from logs I have sent) something about memory, but it was just assumption without proof. My subscription is active yet, so will continue few days with troubleshooting and will see.

Too bad that HW changes did not work for you. Memory issue would affect more than just Zwift. Assuming you already did a Zwift clean reinstall if not try that first.

Sure I have removed and then installed the game from scratch. Also the drivers were removed with DDU.

I had a full blown computer crash while riding a self-programmed workout. I’m on an older Mac Pro, with a kicker core. At first the screen started freezing up for about 3-5 seconds at a time every 5-10 minutes. Then as I neared the end of the workout the screen went grey with a notice that the application had stopped…then the computer did a full reboot. After the reboot, I launched the application once again using the same self-programmed workout. I skipped over the first two segments and successfully completed the tail end of the workout. Can someone have a look at the log files to give me an idea what is the cause. I’ve had the occasional frozen screen before but it has always resumed the workout. Where do I send the files?
Thanks for your help team Zwift,

Crash, crash, crash three more times in both workouts and regular Zwifting. I rebooted my wifi fibre modem thinking that perhaps it was my connection to the world that was dropping out. Did a workout today…successfully done without a crash. I don’t know what it is with the modem, but a reboot seemed to work. Hopefully this could help someone.

A few days after rebooting the wifi modem the Mac continued to freeze then followed by a complete crash and reboot. I ran a complete hardware diagnostics and looked for any errors. Everything checked out fine. Troubled by this annoyance I did a full reload of the OS, and a full delete of Zwift, following the Zwift Team recommendation of deleting several files throughout, then reloading a fresh Zwift application. I managed 5 full rides including some workouts, then yesterday the ride froze again then continued, then froze again then the system crashed again with a full reboot. After a reboot I started Zwift again, and the same workout, the system ran without problems. No other applications are causing my Mac to freeze and reboot it seems something in Zwift is causing this problem. Is anyone else having this problem? I’ve made sure the computer cooling is clear and for that matter, the fan rarely comes on. Can someone give me some ideas what else I can verify?

The answer to this should be that Zwift would want to resolve this very old and major problem, so they would want you to send your logs to them to diagnose and resolve.

But, either Zwift doesn’t care, or they know there’s bugs which they can’t resolve. So the only “solution” is to cancel your Zwift membership and ride outside.

Major problem?

I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it’s actually only a very minor minority of users that have this issue. And clearly it’s a localised issue. Zwift is unlikely to go into the detailed diagnosing of a users setup.

That said at no point can i see that Pierre has contacted Zwift and appears to have reached out to the community first which to be honest is probably the right thing to do in the first place as the answers are rapid and less generic.

Yup…I’m not seeing anyone else having a complete crash and rebooting of the computer. I can go for a week without then, out of the blue, it freezes, then crashes. I’ve notice that some have noted server connection issues. I’m not sure if that is my problem. Everything I do seems to correct the problem but then fails days later. I’m stumped.

How confident are you in doing a restore of your windows system?
It sounds like there’s something rogue lingering around and that would be my first port of call.

If it continues to freeze post clean system then I’d look at hardware. Memory is always good for causing a freeze.

I’ve done a full diagnostic hardware test (no issues reported), reloaded the Mac OS, and reloaded Zwift. It works for a few days, then the problem returns.

Ah sorry, It’s Mac not Windows.

I’ll tap out of the software advice then as I’ve no Apple experience.

A hardware diag wouldn’t always find a fault in my experience as it may work at the point of testing but fail later on. The classic intermittent fault!

I’m on Windows 11 and about once a week or two, Zwift freezes. There is no recourse other than killing it harshly. I have started to be more diligent about what else is running on my laptop (basically closing all other software) but it still happens. The result is that my ride is corrupted and I use the fix tool and set the proper date (right after fixing, the ride shows up in ridewithgps in 2015). I end up losing about a mile. In Companion, the evidence is the lost mile, and none of the “rode with” show up. If that helps a developer track it down…

There’s a LOT of comments here. And people ARE having issues where their computer totally crashes a reboot is the only recourse. That’s what happened to me, and I posted many messages.

I also have repeated crashes. They are not frequent but are a total loss when they happen. Today was during a race london event. I was at nearly 20k, but after repair, the event file was at just over 16k. For some odd reason, there is no logging. Last log was nearly a week ago and I ride every day. Also odd that this thread is marked solved, yet I see zero evidence of a solution short of blaming the user for having a substandard PC. My laptop is within spec. Zwift needs to start taking this stuff seriously and at least have a rejoin/recovery method (there IS always an activity in progress file after a crash). I don’t care if I fall behind (just like a real life crash), but I should be able to finish. Without the completions, I might as well sabe my money and just ride with my head unit.