Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Don’t install Nvidia Experience, driver only is much less.

The postings are about NOT having a stable PC.

Zwift support actually came back to me. Their suggestion is to contact Microsoft and / or Nvidia for possible known problems with Nvidia OpenGL drivers for GTX 1070 cards. Basically saying Zwift exiting with an OpenGL TDR error is not a Zwift problem :unamused:

Not entirely true, I have stable PC, no problems elsewhere except with Zwift.

For me same experience as Andy. My Zwift PC has never crashed and I consider it a “stable PC”. It was always just Zwift exiting with an OpenGL error thus,

Stable PC ≠ Stable zwift :unamused:

[quote=“Si Argent, post:498, topic:379588, username:E_A”]
Zwift can’t test every single combination of hardware and neither should you expect them to or blame them.[/quote]
i’m not blaming Zwift for a possible bug in Zwift or possible fault on my end. I just expect Zwift to look at the logs they advise to sent with a crash report, After that I expect Zwift to come with an answer / advise based on that. That advise could very well we to test my graphics card.
I expect some service from Zwift for the total of $1000 in subscriptions that i paid for in the last 6 years.

Agree with B_Koekkoek.
I don’t want to blame Zwift like: “This is only your fault, your bug in your app etc”. As it can be the application bug, same it can be in some driver.
But what I expect from Zwift is to pinpoint the root cause and advise solution or at least workaround. For example something like: Use Nvidia driver September 2022 or earlier, or it is caused by bluetooth combined with ANT+ etc.
This didn’t happen yet.

You’re totally clueless. I’m a computer science, electrical engineer, and software developer for 30+ years. I know how to diagnose hardware and software issues. The 1070 is not legacy or end of life hardware. The Zwift software is creating a race situation which causes the video card into an endless loop which the OS detects and results in a crash. No other software, game, or stress test causes it. The result of my diagnosis is that this is a Zwift bug.

So there’s your answer from an expert, the bug is with Zwift.

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It seems that you don’t understand what support means. This is affecting plenty of users, most of them have problems only with Zwift, everything else works fine on their PCs. I suppose this is enough reason for Zwift support to troubleshoot. At the end, they call themselves support. At the end, they will loose clients.

“Would you expect netfilx to fix your TV if it started playing up while watching it”
This is silly argument, however I believe that if Netflix would not work on some type of device where it should, they would troubleshoot it. At least to prove that issue is not on their side. This is how support works. Find the root cause, and pass it for further troubleshooting to responsible vendor who ever it is.


Sorry, oversimplification. It’s okay if you don’t understand how computers work Si Argent. No shame in ignorance.


I am no expert, but also not totally clueless.
Your 1070 uses the same drivers as mine 1650, GPU benchmarks show the 1070 with +80%. I had 1 (yes, one) crash in the last 4 seasons in an overcrowded event (CPU bottleneck).

I’ve done quite a lot of troubleshooting, tried several workarounds provided by Zwift or found on internet. Also did some investigation on my own, as I work as OS / SAP / DB support I am not clueless or a rookie, however I am not interested to invest much time into this issue. Now hoping that last Zwift update to 1.33 will solve this. This hope was also expressed by Zwift in last reply. During weekend will do some rides and will see.
Will keep you posted.

@E_A where your assumptions go wrong is in assuming nobody posting here is a PC gamer nor knows their PC stuff. It doesn’t help if you keep repeating this or keep posting “solutions” that do not work.
Why can’t the problem be Zwift?

the last part of your last post is where I can agree upon :innocent:

Exactly, you should stop whinging about this, calling people ignorant, and go away, you’re not helping.

Hi guys, so, here we go again! Yesterday Zwift crashed again. As I unwillingly predicted. Crash happened after 17 minutes of riding. I am now seriously considering leaving Zwift, until they really find a root cause.
Obviously they still didn’t.
Update: I have analyzed the logs and see there are plenty of ANT rx fail errors. Based on this I am giving Zwift another chance, will try next ride just with BT. Will provide update afterwards.

Oops it did it again… :disappointed:

seems like the situation i was in. I swapped my GTX1070 for a GTX1080 and stable for last 10 days which got unthinkable with the GTX1070. As I have a Zwift addiction this is an ok solution for me as I doubt Zwift actually consider this a bug on their end.
If you value your time and want to use Zwift I would suggest to buy and older videocard 2nd hand (of course not a GT660/GTX1060/GTX1070) and replace your GT660 :wink:

I am aware that swapping HW will help.
I am just recalling old times when all worked with current setup. So knowing that it worked is annoying. Of course the time of new PC is coming.

I was in the same boat, my PC with GTX1070 worked for 6 years with Zwift and then end of 2022 hardware unchanged started misbehaving. I gave up after i was more time troubleshooting without succes than actually completing Zwift rides :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thank you guys for advises, will replace at least GPU, or whole PC soon.