Zwift crashing each time me and all my friends save or discard

As title says:
Zwift crashing each time me and all my friends save or discard.
Surely it isn’t supposed to be like this?
it just closes to desktop.
So whenever i do one course of something, and a friend comes along and i want to ride with him, i save my ride and want to select him to ride with him, but i have to start zwift all over again, with pairing and all.
And then to top it off, you have to close the companion app and open it again for zwift to pair to the trainer and hr.

both my friends are experiencing this, and allways have since mid 2019.
Any chance on getting this fixed soon?
It has nothing to do with bad ram or poor connection, because i’ve replaced everything in this time period aswell as installing windows all over again.
All drivers are up to date.

It’s not a crash. It’s exiting.

Actually, it is.

There are a few posts throughout the years on this behaviour. It is the standard behaviour believe it or not. If your friend logs in after you and they want to ride with you, they should select the world AND route you are using and select your name on the list and click “ride with”. But I and others agree that you shouldn’t have to exit the game to start riding somewhere else.

I’m not clicking exit to desktop, i’m not telling the program to close at all, i’m finishing one workout, and the companion app is totally freaking out, causing me to spend up to 10 minutes resyncing my gear.
one time it took me one full hour.
If it indeed is supposed to be like that, then that’s the worst desicion i’ve seen in any game so far.
It would be the equivalent of World of warcraft shutting down after a raid, for those of you who knows what it is and how frustrating that would be.

Please vote up this Feature Request: Allow Saves Without Exit

Just did.
Sorry for the extra thread, admin can delete it :slight_smile: