Zwift App Crashing When Saving, Windows 8

Hi All, I am running Zwift on a Windows 8 laptop: Intel Core i3-4010U 1.7Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Intel Graphics Family Card. I am using Bluetooth and the Companion app on an iPhone 6 to connect my Elite Rampa trainer, and everything seems to work fine, but when I go to save a ride, Zwift just crashes, it doesn’t hang even, just disappears. Both Windows and Zwift are up to date, and I am not running any other software in the background. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Al.

Hi @Alan_Killian2125

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What do you mean crash? After clicking Save zwift will close, that is normal.

Hi Gerry, thanks for coming back to me. When I press Save, the screen freezes and Zwift disappears, it just closes. Then there is no record of my activity in either Companion or Strava to which I have connected Zwift. Surely Zwift remains open, for example if you want to do a warm down?


on windows Zwift close after saving, if you want to do a warm down or another ride you have to restart zwift.

Do you see your activity in the companion app?

Zwift only save activities longer than 2km.


Ah, ok, I will try a longer ride and see. thanks for the reply.

That worked, thanks Gerrie!

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Thank you, I was testing and having the same @issue@ on Win10! I just go more then 2 km! Perfect!