Zwift crashes whole PC randomly

My Zwift randomly crashes whole PC. It doesn’t look to have patter. Sometimes it happens after 35m, sometimes after over an hour. Sometimes I can pedal 2h and everything is ok. I find it very frustrating and want to look for solution. I couldn’d start Support Chat as button doesn’t do anything. Maybe here someone can help me :).

How it happens:
I am riding normally
Suddenly it looks like Zwift on my laptop disconnected from trainer, avatar stops
After 2-3 seconds whole PC is crashed, and I can only force shut down it with power button.

Direto X over bluetooth and companion app. 5GHZ WiFi connection.
Laptop Asus UX303UA i5 6200U; 12gb ram; integrated graphics with latest drivers & windows 10
300mbit from ISP if it is relevant

CPU is 6gen with Intel HD Graphics 520, drivers are from 2019, windows says - latest -

I generated log file, however I cannot see option to upload file here.
I will be super thankful for any support! I need to loose my belly before spring :smiley:

This seems to be the problem.

Try to install older GPU drivers.

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Thanks Milan, I read that thread. My CPU is 6gen, so far older than 10 & 11 which are mentioned there.