Zwift Crashes on PC for my Wife but not for me?

Hi - after a summer break from the Zwift platform, both my wife and I are back on the platform as autumn begins. Since this return when my wife begins a ride via our PC it will 9 times out of 10 crash after a few mins. for me, it never crashes. I have even completed a ride logged in as my wife and it was fine. Windows updates are turned on, PC is only 18months old.

Gone through graphic card updates but if it was PC related would I not have the same experience? I have re-loaded the app but no improvement. HELP!

Do you have video screenshots disabled while they are enabled for her perhaps?

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Do not know how you check that. But then no changes have been made to either account since we were using it earlier in the year…and by video screenshots do you mean that appear on Strava? Screenshots appear on Strava for both of us…

Yes, the 15 second video clips you would get on Strava. Even if it’s enabled for both of you, I would try disabling it for her as a test to rule it out if nothing else.

Are you logging into Windows with different accounts as well or using the same windows with 2 different Zwift accounts?

Using her log on to windows, but separate Zwift logins. How do I disable the video clips? Zwift companion app?

No, in the settings window in Zwift itself.

Thanks I will check that tonight. Just to note that I see that in the main both of us only see a few pics on Strava of the Zwift ride, and only a couple of 15sec vid clips. Nevertheless I will check that settings. Thanks for the response. I will feedback after a trial ride later today.

Might be useful to compare every setting that differs between the two accounts, or make them all the same and see what happens.

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sounds like something with her windows profile might be causing it, are you both administrator profiles? might be making a brand new user profile and seeing if zwift crashes, alternatively log into her zwift account on your windows profile and see if it crashes

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Well, vid clip turned off. Again froze a few mins into ride. Completed ride via Samsung tablet. I got my bike on, logged into Zwift as my wife (her Windows admin), did 10km no issue. Then did 25km as myself…I cannot recall my log on, but I might try that this evening…or create a new admin log on update later this evening I guess. Again thanks for the responses.

What about the equipment you are connecting to? Are you using the same trainer or different ones? What about HRM? I can’t imagine those would cause a crash but who knows.

Hi yes the same Wahoo Snap trainer, I simply swop the bikes over (after swopping training wheel etc). HRM? What is this?

HRM = heart rate monitor

I wear one most times my wife does not.

Hi After my ride yesterday evening, I put my wifes bike on the trainer, logged in as her and cycled (on my wifes bike) without issue for 6km before handing over to my wife to continue with no interruptions. Not sure what this proves…