Zwift crashes on clean PC system

System details:

  • Asus STRIX z390-i gaming mainboard,
  • Intel i7-9700F cpu
  • Corsair 550W psu
  • 2x 8GB DDR4 Corsair vengance lpx
  • 256Gb SSD (NVME M.2),
  • Windows 10 professional 64 bit
  • EVGA Nvidea Geforce 1650 GPU
  • BeQuiet Dark force 4 pro cpu cooler

Connected to my bike on following setup:

  • Wahoo Kickr 2018
  • Wahoo Kickr Climb
    Both use a connection over ANT+ dongle (but also on bluetooth same result).

Temps CPU running around 50 degrees Celsius.

After starting up Zwift (Fresh install after Win10 pro + drivers, incl Zwift as of today April 8th, 2020) logging in with my account I select anybworld and start riding. FYI: I use Zwift running full screen (not in window), on Ultra 1440 setting on a Samsung 4K television.

In mean time I googled and read FAQs and such.

After pausing/stopping, I select save ride.
Zwift shuts down and throws me back to Windows.

  • No ride(s) uploaded,
  • No error on screen shown.
  • Application aborted abnormally :frowning:

Signal strength over wifi is by the way >90% and stable. Any ideas what to do?

How long was your test ride, it need to at least 2km for zwift to save.


Zwift is also designed to do this, it will not take you back to the route selection screen, it always closes after you save a ride.


I guess it was about 1km, just to try it out. Will try after this reply a longer ride (4-5k) and share results on that.

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I would expect that after saving the ride, one returns to the starting page (and not quit/exit hard to windows). My previous experience was running Zwift on AppleTV 4k…

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On windows if you save the game exit to windows.

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It needs to be fixed: Allow Saves Without Exit


Update: I rode approx 4km and selected then save & exit. Apparantly Zwift considers you’re toast and quit, so exits by default to Windows…
it’s a strange user experience IMHO to exit Zwift in this approach.


So… my topic may be closed and added to that request for more appropiate way to exit…


I am happy that everything now work as it should.

Yes it may seem strange to new users. I must admit, It never bothered me, I get on my bike ride and when I am done I save and go shower.

It bothered me a bit when I was aiming to get route badges, especially the short routs where you could do multiple routes in a hour.

But save without exit is a very popular request and it make sense.