Zwift crashes after Let's Go

Just thinking about it, wasn’t there a Windows update being rolled out this week? Could that have caused a conflict with yours?


I checked and the Win10 May release has not installed on my PC. There are a number of bugs in it and it allegedly detects which PC’s might have issues. Laptop did update and that still works with Zwift.

It is all rather strange. I discovered that on the 29th May the prefs.xml file was there but since then I get an invalid one like you did.


Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I think it is with Zwift and some Windows 10 devices with more than one monitor.

I can launch Zwift successfully in full screen mode with one of my monitors physically unplugged from my computer but if both are connected (even if off) Zwift crashes when I click “Let’s Go” (it either reboots the PC or I have to power cycle it).

I can launch Zwift perfectly if I run in windowed mode and it will operate on either monitor.

Oddly, I also have an issue (that I cannot rectify) whereby whenever I start-up my PC, the bios screen appears on the wrong display (i.e. not the primary display configured in the Windows and/or NVIDA control panels). I’m not sure if that is related.

My log files are similar to those posted above.

I suspect that either Zwift doesn’t like running full-screen on multiple monitor devices or there is something wrong in the config for my PC that means it can’t quite figure out which is the primary monitor.


Hi all
Hope someone has resolved this I have the same issue. Prefs.xml.INVALID and laptop will not open Zwift. After I click on lets go it brings the blue screen up then closes it.
So frustrating


I had this problem but I was able to get back to windowed mode by manually editing the prefs file in my documents folder and changing the ‘fullscreen’ preference to zero (I can’t remember exactly what it was because I’m currently using my Mac).

After that it opens in windowed mode which seems to work with any number of screens.

However, looking around these forums it seems that it is generally not possible to get Zwift to run on any PC that has two or more monitors connected in fullscreen mode. Although some people may have been able to get it working.

Sorry to hear others are still having these problems - I never really got to the bottom of what was causing it - gradually replaced most components of the PC, ending with a real ‘Trigger’s Broom’ of a computer - I think the case itself is about the only original component, having gone through the PSU, GPU, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc. Works a treat now (averages about 50FPS during races on Ultra, 90+ lone riding), but would have been simpler just to either buy a basic gaming computer or build one in the first place, instead of the hours stressing over why it didn’t work and bothering experts. Highly recommend the ZPCMR pages - huge amount of expertise and experience captured in a small place - wish I’d started out there…(although tbf @Dave_ZPCMR gave a massive amount of assistance through this forum).

Good luck,

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